2 New Pieces! :: twigs & honey shop update

Posted on | Wednesday, October 29, 2008 | 3 Comments

Just a post to say that I have two new pieces in the twigs & honey Etsy shop today! They are both so much fun and very elegant. I think both would be perfect for a wedding or any other special occasion. The hair piece features a little vintage locket that you can spritz with your favorite fragrance! The flower will smell like a flower and so will you. :)

Velvet flower hair piece with vintage heart locket.

Flower and lace necklace/choker.

New item :: Cozy Wool Beret in Pebbles & Paisley

Posted on | Monday, October 27, 2008 | 7 Comments

I think that handmaking lovely little things is contagious!

I'm so excited to say that my mom, who taught me so much, has handmade a very pretty wool hat with floral brooch. It is very comfy and warm! I have it listed in the Pebbles & Paisley shop at the moment. Be sure to check it out. :)

Like the top? My mom made that for me too! It is actually a dress. She knows my "office" attire mainly consists of PJs and slippers, and thought I would like a comfy but also stylish dress to work in. I like it!

Last minute wedding accessory :: Etsy find

Posted on | Friday, October 17, 2008 | 3 Comments

I have had a few brides ask if I knew of any good places to find wedding clutches or if I made them. Well, I just spotted the cutest clutch that would be perfect for a wedding. Any brides out there still searching? Your search may be over. :)

Vintage sweet heart wedding clutch :: Etsy shop TheHatBox :: ONLY $32!

On a side note, I'm listing 2 pieces available to the public in my Etsy shop today!

Woohoo! :: Leanne Marshall has won!

Posted on | Wednesday, October 15, 2008 | 2 Comments

Congrats to Leanne!!!
Matt and I were cheering for Leanne while watching the Project Runway Season 5 Finale tonight. Her collection was so gorgeous and cohesive. She used my favorite color palette - seafoam, aqua, mint! She is completely deserving! Leanne was so talented and I think won the hearts of many with her quirky and sweet personality. She really is that down to earth, which is so refreshing! Aw... now it is off to bigger and better things for her and we wish her all the best!

Here are some favorites:

I would love to be able to wear this one! It is so fluid. It actually was not going to be on the runway but was swapped last minute when there was a slight wardrobe malfunction with another design.

What dreamy colors. Just like the ocean.

I really like the perfectly fitted bodice of this piece.

Matt liked this one, especially the pants.

What a stunning wedding dress. LOVE IT!
Photo credits: Bravotv.com

Good luck Leanne!! :: Project Runway Finale tonight!


Just a reminder for all those who have been paying attention: Project Runway Finale is tonight and I know who I'm cheering for! Leanne of Leanimal of course! I've been so excited for her throughout the season. Did anyone watch last week? She made the most dreamy wedding dress ever. I couldn't stop staring at it and oogling the wavy layers. AND I loved the seafoam bridesmaid dress. Head over to the Project Runway website to view photos.

Just about now, I'm kicking myself for not getting more of her amazing pieces last winter. I have long stalked her shop and was able to get a few pieces, but now it is just about impossible. At the moment, I am in love with her Cesare vest.

Matt thought I had too many of her dresses but now he thinks that I made "wise" purchases. ;D
Here is my mini ode to Leanne and my mini Leanimal collection:

The Josefina dress. This is the cutest! Please excuse my wreck of a room. Matt and I were running out the door in this photo to catch a movie. My closet presently doubles as my shipping center. How embarrassing!

The Eva dress. I love the ruffles on this one. I'm wearing it in a few listings in my shop at the moment.

The Karine dress. I had Leanne square off the neckline on this one and just love it. It seems so romantic and girly at the same time.

Thank you so much Leanne and good luck!!!

Finding the perfect pumpkin :: Autumn fun at Sauvie Island

Posted on | Monday, October 13, 2008 | 8 Comments

It's been a long tradition for Matt and I to pick our perfect pumpkins at a pumpkin patch each year. This year marked our 7th time getting pumpkins together! We've picked pumpkins just about everywhere. :)

This year, we went back to the first place we picked pumpkins together: Sauvie Island's Pumpkin Patch. This place is pretty big and you can spend hours there. We took a hayride to the field where the search began. After the great hunt, we weighed and paid, and headed into the market to pick some fresh and local produce. Immediately following, we stuffed our bellies with sausages and elephant ears. Have I mentioned enough how much I love food?

The plan was to tackle the corn maize at night, but I was pooped. Instead, we went to Ikea and afterwards, to Bridgeport to watch the horror flick, Quarantine.

Perhaps we will navigate the corn maize next weekend. :)
Here are some highlights:

Too many to choose from!

Ah ha! This one looks like a winner.

His & her pumpkins. Size appropriate. Yeah sure, it's fun to get the biggest pumpkin, but I didn't want to have to carry it back! And yet... I managed to get Matt to hold my pint sized pumpkin to the car. ;)

Balancing act.

Asian pears, apples, and corn.

More pumpkins and squash.

Parting shots. FYI, I'm wearing my PrettyRaccoon Clothing top from Etsy. Next up... carving the pumpkins!

New piece listed in the Etsy twigs & honey shop


First off, thank you to everyone who left comments on the previous post about a new hair cut for myself. I'm excited about it and completely encouraged from all the positive feedback! I'm going to do it! I'll probably schedule an appointment in November/December when I have a little more time, but I'll keep everyone posted. :)

Also, I just listed a new piece in the twigs & honey Etsy shop. Be sure to check it out!

Hairspiration :: A new do? Yay, nay?

Posted on | Friday, October 10, 2008 | 12 Comments

I have been mulling over getting a new cropped do for my perpetually long mane - which I have sported for ummm, about 5 years now. It's become my security blanket. Matt, the typical guy, loves it, long flowing locks. But I am tired of it! My excuse used to be that I was growing it and keeping it long for the wedding. Haha! After the wedding, I actually did cut it about 8 inches! That's a lot of hair! But a year after the chop, it's back down to my bum and I think that if I don't take the plunge now, I will never be able to release my grip on my hair.

I like style... hair with character, but if you have long hair you know it's hard to get any style. It is either long and hanging, long and wavy, long and curly, or up. I'm bored.

A couple years ago, I bought a copy of Elle magazine, with Ashley Simpson on the cover. It was supposed to motivate me to get a hair cut. I still have that 2006 issue! Since then, I've collected a few other hairspiration photos. I've put together a board below. The top row is of the cutest gal ever. I found her through the blog, My Favorite Color is Shiny. She's on Flickr and you can find her here.

I am favoring Ashley's "do" the most. I am super, ridiculously obsessed with asymmetrical styles lately. Aeon Flux'ish.

What do you think? Should I??? I will probably go to the chop shop in November or December.

New piece to be listed :: Getting ready for winter

Posted on | Thursday, October 9, 2008 | 2 Comments

I know fall has just begun, but I've got a winter wonderland on my mind. A girl's got to think ahead, right? All those holiday parties, winter weddings, and New Year's, what's a girl to wear... on her head?

I whipped up a totally winter fabulous and not too snow bunny headband. A little sparkle and a touch of softness, you will feel as pretty as a snowflake without feeling frosty. Time permitting, I may even list a second winter inspired piece in the twigs & honey shop. Check back later today!

Update: It's up in the shop!

I Spy...

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... many twigs & honey brides!
To all the twigs & honey brides and grooms: Congrats!!!
I've been a bit behind on linking to all the wonderful twigs & honey mentions in the blogging world, but here's a short list of lovely weddings that twigs & honey had the great delight to contribute to and other twigs & honey sightings!:

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Thank you to everyone who has worked with me and to everyone who is currently working with me! Also, thank you to all the wonderful websites and blogs for the support. I don't always find all the great twigs & honey posts, so if you know of a fabulous one that I've missed, let me know. Thank you so much!!

Joie de Vie Jewelry :: Simply stated, feminine and delicate jewelry

Posted on | Tuesday, October 7, 2008 | 6 Comments

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of working with a very sweet and ultra talented bride, now a lovely wife, Blair. During the process, I discovered Joie de Vie Jewelry. Blair, the talent behind the line, is one of the sweetest and easiest gals to work with. Her jewelry just makes me so happy to be a lady! I only wish I knew of her sooner! Her line includes necklaces, earrings, and even gocco printed papers. If you track back through my sales this past summer, you'll see me wearing her Eternite Necklace in dozens of listings. I couldn't take it off. It was perfect! Everytime my hubby and I would go out, I'd take it off to look for a piece of jewelry to wear to match my outfit and I'd always go back to hers. Matt even asked why I wasn't wearing the one he got me... I loved Blair's that much! sssshhhh! (disclaimer: I love anything my hubby gets me!). Thank you so much, Blair, for your beautiful pieces! Please visit her site for more lovelies. BONUS - extremetly affordable!!! Eternite Necklace as seen on Myra Callan :: $26!! Woohoo!

Eternite Necklace :: Joie de Vie Jewelry, $26

Guilty! Wearing it again!

New pieces in the Pebbles and Paisley shop!

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Just a quick note to say I've added a couple new pieces to the Pebbles & Paisley shop! Check them out here!

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