A Novel Romance 2010

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More to come... but I have to go to bed... I'm pooped. :)









Head pieces, belt: Twigs & Honey
Models: Sarah Clements, Kathleen, Linda, and more names to come
Dresses: The English Dept.
Location: Ace Hotel
Flowers: Ink & Peat


The better half wearing a Pinkham Millinery custom fedora.
View more in my Flick folder HERE.

Friday out to lunch outfit

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Indy wanted to "model" today too...



And then she got camera shy...


Tank tops: American Apparel and Old Navy
Vest: Anthropologie
Jeans: Anlo from Gilt Groupe
Shoes: Rosegold
Bag: vendor at the UCDavis Whole Earth Festival

New Sponsor :: Empire of Delight

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I'm tickled to have Empire of Delight as a new Twigs & Honey blog sponsor. All their products look good enough to eat! They use luxurious ingredients in their products including shea butter, silk, and jojoba oil, which will leave your skin feeling soft and pampered. If the looks don't make you want to gobble them up, the fragrances will from grapefruit, ginger, amber, champagne and strawberry. Scents not your cup of tea? That's okay! They also carry unscented versions of their products including an unscented lavish soap and a whipped body butter. Empire of Delight products would make wonderful gifts for bridal parties, newlyweds, loved ones... or treat yourself!

Bubble Gum Bath Bomb

Energy Bath Bomb

Their luxury soaps sound like they are to die for:
"We use traditional oils such as olive oil and coconut and add exotic butters such as mango and shea butter for a truly extravagant soap. Each bar contains real silk and is beyond doubt a delight for your skin. All our luxury bars come individually labelled and packaged in crystal clear boxes."

Miss Behaviour
White Tea & Ginger scented soap

Dazzling Citrus
Yuzu scented soap

Be sure to visit their site for more lovely products HERE. They also have a blog HERE.

Thursday out to lunch outfit

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Headband: Twigs & Honey
Cropped jacket and tank: Anthropologie
Boyfriend jeans: DL1961 from Gilt Groupe
Heels: Kelsey Dagger from Gilt Groupe

Got my new bracelete by junghwa (my big sis)


I love them. So cute. So dainty. Yellow!

Get your own, HERE.

Oh, you know I love a good sale

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I spy some lovely things at great prices at Anthropologie:

Another biggie...

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This one I shipped off to the east coast today for a shoot along with another piece.... but I ran out of time and couldn't photograph that one (rats!).

Big gold headband by Twigs & Honey

Big gold headband by Twigs & Honey

Featuring three large gold-ish handmade flowers, leaves and feathers.

My oh my!

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You must read this beautiful article written by the super stylish and lovely Jen McCabe at OregonLive.com. She has done a very sweet write up on Twigs & Honey! Read the whole article HERE.


New Sponsor :: Rebecca Hansen Photography

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The husband and wife team of Rebecca Hansen Photography is surely a pair you'll grow to love. Their work is beautiful, simply put. Their modern images are stylish and pretty, but what makes them really special is how they capture moments, emotions and memories. When you look at them, you can tell they love what they do... makes you want to be photographed by them because you know you'll have a good time!
In their own words: "We are passionate about people, love, great modern architecture, and amazing design, and of course photography. We get so excited every time we shoot, we feel like the possibilities are endless. We are just excited about life..."
Some favorites from the photographers:

Some of my favorites I've "borrowed" from their beautiful blog. There were so many!

Rebecca Hansen Photography

Rebecca Hansen Photography

Rebecca Hansen Photography

Rebecca Hansen Photography

And! oh my goodness... Rebecca is such a doll. Isn't she so pretty??

Rebecca Hansen Photography

Rebecca Hansen Photography

Rebecca Hansen Photography

Such beautiful taste! Welcome Rebecca Hansen Photography as a blog sponsor!

This is fun...

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This video is 4 years old! Where did the time go? I was organizing files and stumbled upon it. I was modeling an Anne Barge wedding gown for Good Day Sacramento. I loved the blush pink of this dress. So fun to wear:

Tuesday Out to Lunch Outfit

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Shrug, belt, skirt: Anthropologie
Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Me Too

Just a little sneak peak


So I've been working on a new special something for the last few months and it is *almost* ready to launch. It's funny all the skills I've needed to pick up along the way while I've become a business owner. At the moment, it's still little ole me working all sides of Twigs & Honey from designing and fulfilling orders to marketing, web maintenance, accounting, blogging, and communication. Since starting, I've had to pick-up photography, web design, and now, graphic design. It's nuts. I feel like my plate is always over-loaded, but I like to keep busy. Somewhere in the midst of making flowers, I've been squeezing in this new project, trying to tie up all the loose ends. Here is a sneak peak of some of the product branding I've been toying with:

The grand reveal is coming soon! That's all you get for now. ;)
When you are a small business owner trying to do things the "affordable" way... you have to learn so much!

New Sponsor :: evapaul

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I'm very excited to introduce you to a lovely new Twigs & Honey blog sponsor, evapaul. They are a husband and wife design team, parents to 1-year-old daphne. Nic and Kirsten have been designing invitations for the past 2.5 years and have designed for over 300 brides. I think their designs are so refreshing and modern... perfect for a no-fuss bride/groom! Additionally, they are super sweet. Visit their etsy shop HERE or their blog HERE. From Nic & Kirsten:

we love photography, modern design and architecture and music.

nic loves photography, vintage amps and black licorice ice cream.

kirsten loves looking at blogs, being a mom [daphne, age 1] and making everything in her life as cute as humanly possible. [things like recipes and filing systems- the important things]

nic is from idaho. he likes it in the summer, not the winter.

kirsten is from colorado. she loves it all the time and talks about it way too often.

nic only likes to work on the couch.

kirsten is almost always found in front of her iMac or at a thrift store.

nic loves playing tackle with daphne.

kirsten likes to pick out daph’s outfits.

nic loves learning about lenses, flashes, guitars and amps.

kirsten likes to look up houses to one day buy.

we both love fruit snacks, our 1979 VW camper, our baby, the real housewives (especially NYC), going out to eat, , san francisco, , reading magazines, staying up till 2 am (we don’t love this, but we do it almost every night anyway), denver, weddings, photography and our family/friends.

So cute and unique! Welcome, evapaul!

Bigger can be better...

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On friday, I posted pictures of some new work. One of the pictures was of a piece I was making for a Style Me Pretty Inspiration to Reality shoot and here it is:

For Style Me Pretty

It is huge. It wraps around your head.... very couture/high-fashion and very fun to wear.

Here are photos of the pieces from Friday being worn:

For A Novel Romance

For A Novel Romance

I thought those two were big last week until I finished the SMP one today. I couldn't help myself... it just kept growing. Can't wait to share more photos later! I promise there will be more colors besides pink! Now... I've got to get back to work. Happy Monday!

New Sponsor :: Kacy Kizer Photography


I'm so happy to introduce everyone to Kacy Kizer Photography today, a new Twigs & Honey blog sponsor. Kacy, who is unmistakably super cute herself, takes the most pretty photos whether it is for an engagement session, wedding, senior portrait or life in general. Her photographic style comes across so effortlessly and the images are just to die for. She is based in the Willamette Valley of Oregon (yay, go local!) and if you are getting married in Oregon, I seriously recommend visiting her site! She also has a lovely blog.
Here are some gorgeous photos:

Loving the Willamette Valley, aren't you?

This past summer, she photographed the gorgeous wedding of a twigs & honey bride, Janene (isn't she soooo pretty?!)

Kacy's Senior Portrait photos are breathtaking. I didn't look this stylish a decade ago!
Of course, since I'm a dog lover of both big and small...

So cute!
Please welcome Kacy Kizer Photography to the blog!

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