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Be sure to check out the Q&A I did with The Wedding Chicks for their awesome wedding blog! I adore Amy & Jocey and had the privilege of meeting them a couple weeks ago in Portland. They are soooo sweet and the moment you start talking with them, you feel like you've known them forever. I love women that are hard working, passionate about what they do, and totally down-to-earth. Thank you soooo much, Amy & Jocey!!! Expect some more things with the Wedding Chicks and Twigs & Honey in the future! :) Check out the Q&A HERE.

Amazing last year



photo credits: Elizabeth Messina

This past year was ridiculously amazing and I feel like the best has yet to come. There have been several large projects that I've been keeping mum about for a variety for reasons (strategic and legal), but some I've committed to for almost a year and others for at least several months. In the last few months, I had that crazy back pain issue and the 1.5 month long bronchitis and feel like amidst all the amazing projects, I have to make sure that I'm taking care of myself as well. So right at the moment, if you're interested in a very custom order, I might not be able to get to it, unfortunately. If it is a simple or large request, feel free to email me still and I might be able to fit it in. Simple customizations to current designs are a lot easier for me to accommodate than custom requests that are for items not currently available. My schedule is highly variable from day-to-day so I don't want to have a blanket policy, as I sometimes find a sliver of time for special order requests. I would LOVE to work with everyone, but have to make sure to finish previous commitments first and keep a good balance for sanity sake.

So whatelse rounds out the typical day at Twigs & Honey lately?
1. We're still remodeling the back half of the house (so our home is a wreck and we don't have a working kitchen yet)
2. Constant order fulfillment - everyday (which could be a full-time+ job by itself)
3. Transitioning for new workers
4. Working with retailers
5. Press projects
6. All those huge projects I was talking about
7. Preparing for The Cream in LA (yeah!)
8. All the backend for that little new collection we just launched ;)
9. Answering the flood of emails we get daily
10. Trying to hold onto a snippet of time to stay healthy and happy with the family. :)

I have some business-y posts planned soon. I've been getting a flood of inquiries for business tips and advice and think it would be great to just do a nice post about commonly asked questions.

Long story short, expect some wonderful things in the next year and keep checking back for all sorts of updates. Thank you, everyone!!!!!!!!!

Our new boxes

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I'm so excited to have our new boxes... finally! I've wanted our own boxes for a long time now, but finally decided it was time last spring. I'm a bit maniacal about details and I wanted these to be perfect. Everything from the size, box lid dimensions, artwork, feel - was all calculated. I wanted them to be as pretty as they were functional. I tend to be a very tactile person too, so they had to feel just right on the fingertips. They are super rigid and won't collapse so your piece will be safe inside. Oh! And they match the new website. :) In addition, you'll be able to display proudly if desired or you could even store precious mementos and jewelry inside. Either way, I hope everyone enjoys these boxes with their purchases! I am sooo pleased with how they turned out! Made in the U.S.A.

The New 2012 Collection :: Twigs & Honey


Our new collection took over a year - yes - over a year to complete and we couldn't be happier with the results. I personally wanted to slow some things down this year... specifically, I wanted the designs to be nurtured and created with time as opposed to being rushed together. Most of the new styles began as a concept, then a sketch. After I made a sample, I would tweak for weeks or months until it was perfect. I'll admit that some styles didn't make the cut. But after an absolutely crazy year for the business on many levels, I really wanted the core of what Twigs & Honey has been built on, to truly shine.

Some of the pieces in the latest collection feature brand new techniques for us that we've been learning over the last year or more. In addition, we revamped our entire website to help showcase the new designs AND because we wanted a site that reflected the direction we're heading and which was different than others out there. To view the new collection, click HERE.

Some favorites:












I truly have to thank an amazing team of women that helped make the shoot come together.

Elizabeth Messina: Elizabeth and I have been working together for several years now and I couldn't be more grateful to be friends with such an inspirational and kind individual. Her photography captures the most beautiful moments in life. Elizabeth and I have been working on another huge project for the past year and there will be more on that later.

Erin Skipley: Erin is one of the most talented makeup and hair experts I know. I met her in France a couple years ago and feel so lucky to know her. She is not only amazing at what she does, she is an absolute delight to be around.

Claire Pettibone: Claire Pettibone's designs are simply put, out of this world. They are the prettiest creations a bride will ever put on. Her designs ooze femininity and romance. I feel so lucky to have been able to dress our model in her ultra pretty designs.

Leanne Marshall: Leanne is one of the most innovative designers I know. Her designs are matched by her pure and raw talent in the art of dressmaking and draping. She is the real deal. I've adored her work since before her Project Runway win and will continue to fawn over her designs for years to come.

Dominique: Our gorgeous model. Dominique is sooo endearing. She's a ball full of sweet energy. Just love this girl. Everyone loves her after they meet her. I'm sure that you will be seeing much more from this emerging talent in the years to come!

Amy Stewart: Amy, my big sis, made gorgeous jewelry for us to use in styling the shoots. She is quite the talent so be sure to check out her shop HERE.

I also want to thank, Nora, who was the nicest woman ever on the day of the shoot. She helped with so much! I want to thank the better half, Matt, for helping during the shoot (but before and after as well!).

photo credits: Elizabeth Messina
Hair/Makeup: Erin Skipley
Dresses: Leanne Marshall and Claire Pettibone
Veils, headpieces: Twigs & Honey
Model: Dominique

$400 Giveaway on Green Wedding Shoes Blog :: Now through Friday



Be sure to visit Green Wedding Shoes blog for a wonderful post on the new Twigs & Honey collection! See it HERE. While you're there, leave a comment on their site describing your favorite new Twigs & Honey piece and you'll be entered for a $400 gift certificate giveaway at twigsandhoney.com !

Beautiful and simple jewelry by my sister

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The lovely jewelry featured in the new collection photos was made by my awesome sister, Amy. Visit her Etsy shop for more pretty pieces and her facebook page.
photo credits: Elizabeth Messina
Dresses: Claire Pettibone
Hair/makeup: Erin Skipley

The Cream :: Giveaway winner

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The winner of 2 tickets to The Cream is Katie H!
Thank you to everyone who left a comment!

Katie H: email us for details: info@twigsandhoney.com

Check back Monday...

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Twigs & Honey

Over a year in the making...
Coming Monday.
photo: Elizabeth Messina
Hair/Makeup: Erin Skipley
Dress: Claire Pettibone
Veil: Twigs & Honey
Model: Dominique

We're looking for the perfect someone(s)...

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Our most loved, bestest, favorite worker, Rebekah, is leaving us to go off and do bigger and better things - going to midwifery school in the Philippines! And while we're still super heartbroken and feeling like we lost a limb, we're so happy for her as we know she's been wanting to do this for a long time!! Congrats, Rebekah!!!

She'll be leaving first for Washington with her husband in just a few short weeks so we're starting a search to find a replacement or two. If you're in or near the Salem, Oregon area and think you're up for the challenge of hand creating lots of pretty things, email us for additional details. You can also send a resume/portfolio: info@twigsandhoney.com


Photo: Elizabeth Messina


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We're so excited to share with everyone that Twigs & Honey will be attending THE CREAM in LA on March 1st at the Book Bindery from 6-10pm. We had been meaning to attend previous ones and our schedules finally fell perfectly into place! The Cream is organized by Paige & Kelly of Bash, Please and is a not-your-typical wedding event that brings together a curated group of amazing wedding industry professionals/vendors for brides & grooms alike to mingle, dance, and have fun. Let me tell you that I took a look at the secret "crop" of attendees and I AM so thrilled to meet some of the amazing people that will be participating. :) :) So if you are in the LA area on March 1st, please plan to attend!

Twigs & Honey will have goodies for all, giveaways and more! We will have the new collection so it will also be a great chance to try on lots of the new styles. :)

Additionally, we'll be giving away 2 tickets so you and your groom or bride-to-be or bestfriend or mom or sister/brother or second cousin can go together (tickets normally $45 a pop). Come join us for a fantastic evening - hang out with the "cool" kids (coming from a self-proclaimed nerd) and say, "hi"! I'd love to meet you! If you want to secure some tickets, purchase them HERE.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment - shoot the breeze, say "hello" or whatever - and we'll pick a winner at random. Giveaway starts NOW through Sunday, February 12th at midnight, standard Pacific time. :) :)

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