Friday night project

Posted on | Thursday, January 29, 2009 | 14 Comments

A couple weeks ago, my mom and I went to the fabric store together and there happened to be some pretty good deals, so I got her and I some lovely supplies. Here are my late Friday night project results. A cropped jacket with oversize collar made from quilt lining and fully lined and a fun, bright skirt made from a cotton linen blend and also lined. I made the patterns from scratch, but I think I'm going to tweak the jacket a little bit more and make a second one. I somehow didn't get the lining quite right, so the armholes feel a tad tight. A work in progress, but it was still fun and I wore it out with Matt on our date night. :)

I forgot to mention, but my hat is from here. Love it!

Giveaway winner! :: Thank you to everyone!

Posted on | Monday, January 26, 2009 | 2 Comments

Thank you to everyone who posted comments for the giveaway! I had a wonderful time reading through all the sweet and thoughtful comments and it was really great to hear which pieces people like the most. I really wish I could make a piece for everyone! I used a random integer generator to "draw" 1 winner (, and made the rule before I generated the number that for any multiple posts from anyone, the first one was the only one that counted. So the winner is.....


auroralauramarie posted this comment on January 22, 2009 8:41 AM:
"Hello Myra,

Your work is lovely. I stumbled upon it looking for inspiration for my "vintage picnic" wedding. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that you will be available to make a hair piece for me for my August wedding. This piece is my favorite!

It has a very elegant and vintage feel while still remaining fun!!!! I think that it would be perfect for an outdoor vintage picnic wedding.

Have a beautiful 2009!"

Here's her pick:

If this was your post, please email me at with your mailing address so I can send you your one of a kind piece and put "giveaway" in the subject line.

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! My first year was such a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to a whole new year! I'll do another giveaway later in the year, so check back for updates. :)

Twigs & Honey Giveaway piece and more

Posted on | Friday, January 23, 2009 | 5 Comments

Thank you to everyone for your extremely sweet comments to the last post! I'm excited to see who will be randomly chosen! I wish I had time to make several hundred pieces for everyone. It has been great to read the comments and get a feel for what pieces everyone is most interested in, which gives me great feedback for what pieces might make reappearances this next season. Here's the piece I'll be giving to the winner of the giveaway, to be announced Monday. Remember, get your comments in by midnight on Sunday (January 25th, Pacific time) and post them on the previous post for January 19th.

The lace ribbon band is a fuchsia color, but it is coming off more red in photos.
Another reminder to all brides and those interested in seeing some lovely fashion. The English Dept. is putting on a fashion show, A Novel Romance, on February 1st at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon. I'll be making the accessories and I've been busy putting together a nice collection. Here's my favorite piece so far:

Most of the pieces I'll be making for the show will be available for purchase sometime after the show (I think I'm going to use them for a photos shoot). If you attend the show and see a piece that you like, contact me to let me know that you are interested at First come, first serve basis and price upon request.

One last note! Like the necklace I'm wearing with the giveaway piece? It is made by one of my favorite designers on etsy, Joie de Vie. Blair, the lovely Mrs. behind the line, was so kind to send me this piece and I love it. Isn't it so cute and perfect for Valentine's Day, which is coming up! Thank you Blair!!! You can find this same necklace in her shop by clicking here.

1 year Twigs & Honey anniversary :: Giveaway!

Posted on | Monday, January 19, 2009 | 247 Comments

These pieces were a couple special projects from this past year.

I meant to do this post a little sooner, but it's been so busy!
Anyhow, I wanted to thank everyone who worked with and supported me this past year with twigs & honey! I cannot believe how fast the year went by, but on January 25th, twigs & honey is celebrating 1 year since its first Etsy sale to this lovely lady. As a modest thank you (if I had more time, I would do something bigger), I am doing a giveaway on this blog. Starting today, January 19th, through midnight, January 25th, post a comment on this blog, copy and paste the link to your favorite twigs & honey piece, and describe why it is your favorite. You can navigate through all my past Etsy sales by clicking here. I'll choose someone randomly (yes! So everyone has a fair chance.) and the winner will receive a specially designed, one of a kind Valentine's Day twigs & honey hair piece. I'll try to post the picture later this week. I'll post a follow up blog post after January 25th, to announce the winner. Thank you to everyone following this blog and hooray for anniversaries!

A few of my favorites from last year:

Seaside birthday : Razor clams, a bust

Posted on | Monday, January 12, 2009 | 7 Comments

Matt, Indy and I spent Saturday night and Sunday at Seaside this weekend and despite not finding one razor clam in a record breaking season, we had a wonderful time. Indy was a terrific travel companion and didn't whine or complain. On Saturday, the wind and rain blew at us sideways while we were clamming by lantern light in the evening/night. At that point, the tide was already a bit too high. It was crazy. I felt like my face was getting a microdermabrasion treatment. Indy's face and body turned completely gray from all the sand.
At night, we ate at Girtle's Restaurant. Matt had steak and I got the fish and chips. Yum! On Sunday, we forced ourselves out of bed after staying up late and went clamming again, but still couldn't find any. We hit the snooze a few too many times, so I suspect we still got out too late. We're thinking of trying again next weekend, when low tides will be in the early afternoon. For breakfast, we ate at Pig'n Pancakes and afterwards, we walked around Seaside's downtown to shop and go to the Arcade. For lunch, a healthy serving of elephant ears and candy. When we were out with Indy, without fail, every person that saw her came over to pet the cutie pooch. Her ego, I am sure, is enormous by now!
Here are some photo highlights:

On the beach at Seaside, the lone fisherman searches for clams. Okay, it's just Matt.

Indy was a Pointer in a previous life. "The clams are that way!"

"Maybe if I close my eyes, the clams will appear."

"oooh, lots of water!"

"Okay, I've had enough water!"

Indy with "dad".

Indy with "mom". Update: Just wanted to say that the rubber boots I'm wearing are from Joe's. The brand is Western Chief and here is a link to a very similar pair - the only difference is the contrasting color of green on the sole and trim. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm wearing two pairs of pants in this photo. It was chilly at the beach. Both pairs soaked through, but these wellies kept my feet warm, comfy and completely dry! Amazing! Everyone... go out and get a pair!

Missing you...

"Look at how pathetic I look! Take me with you!"

Matt made me wear it! We're at the shop, Seaside Mostly Hats. Like the scarf? I got it at a neighboring shop and it is made using recycled silk.

Typical couple's tourist shot. :)

Here is a photo of Indy's brother, Badger! Isn't he cute? I recently exchanged some emails with his owner. It is great to see his progress and to hear updates. He is so big! Thank you, Kelly!!

Dun dun dun! :: Turning 1 year younger

Posted on | Friday, January 9, 2009 | 5 Comments

Matt and I are heading to the coast this weekend to celebrate my b-day. Funny... I used to get so excited for these things when I was younger, but now I'd like to push them out a bit. ;) This morning, I took Indy out for a jog and she completely outpaces me. I feel so old! I can get really competitive with running and under my breath I was thinking, b*tch (no pun intended). Just kidding. She had to keep slowing down for me. What a good girl. I'm not old (turning 27!), but running on empty for a year takes a toll on the body!

Anyhow, overall I am excited to finally take a day or two off to spend with the hubby and Indy. This will be her first experience on the beach! Oregon had a huge influx in razor clams around Seaside, so Matt and I are going to go clamming and crabbing. I hope we get lucky! Did I ever mention that Indy started her first day of puppy classes last week? Every Saturday, Indy, Matt and I are going to puppy class together. I thought it would be a good chance for her to get more socialization. I thought there would be a ton of puppies there for her to play with, but there is one pitbull puppy that is a bit of a bad influence on Indy (barking in class is infectious so it appears) and one itty bitty toy dog, that would rather sit quivering in the corner on her pee pee pad. Not a great opportunity for Indy to interact with other dogs, but better than nothing! SO we'll go to puppy class tomorrow and then make the drive to Seaside, OR. Over the holidays, we watched the Deadliest Catch marathons and I have a craving for some crab!

Speaking of turning 1 year younger, here's an old picture of me from 3rd grade. My mom recently found this x-mas ornament and thought I would appreciate it. Ah, to be young again! My mom used to cut my hair. Look! I'm sporting those super short bangs that are usually 99% unflattering... but 1% of women can pull it off beautifully! I'm so jealous. I used to have such chubby cheeks that all my mom's friends wanted to pinch them to the point where I would run away, but I lost a ton of that baby fat from my cheeks. My mom always tells everyone, "Oh, Myra used to be SO cute when she was young (*show old embarrassing photos). I don't know what happened." Thanks mom. And look... I used to have more pouty lips. Do lips lose weight with age? Damn it!

New piece in the Etsy shop :: Feathery necklace


I just listed a lovely necklace in my Etsy shop today. Fun to wear and eye catching, this necklace will surely turn heads! The more adventurous types can also wear it as a headband/wrap. Ultra pretty... I want to go run in a meadow while wearing it!

Just saw "Yes Man" :: Heart Zooey!

Posted on | Tuesday, January 6, 2009 | 6 Comments

Matt and I watched the movie Yes Man over the weekend and it is ridiculously sweet and fun. It was better than I anticipated and I think the impossibly cute Zooey Deschanel really made the movie for me. She also sings in the movie and she can sing! I think she's the type of gal that many ladies want to be like and the type of girlfriend or friend that guys want to have. Girl crush! I think she would make a perfect twigs & honey gal! 50% cutie, 50% pretty and I know the math doesn't work, but 100% unique! I like her bangs! ;)

New boutique pieces! :: Plus a new boutique added to the stocklist


I just wanted to give a quick update to say that I recently delivered a new batch of lovely hair adornments to The English Dept. in Portland, OR. There are a couple headbands included in the mix and here are a few photos:

I'm also excited to add a new boutique to the twigs & honey stocklist, Something Blue.

The shop is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and carries lovely dresses and accessories for brides and bridesmaids. Their contact information is:
Something Blue
1007 22nd Street West
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7M 0S2

Here are the lovely pieces that should be arriving to them later this week:

New piece to be listed today!


Just so I wouldn't get burnt out on making hair pieces, I made this little shrug/jacket. It is a lovely little piece that will complete any wedding outfit. It is made with silk dupioni, tulle, vintage veiling, alencon lace, beads, crystals, and other bits. In my Etsy shop later today. I'll also be listing a few hair pieces and I have a boutique update to announce in the morning. For now, it is late and my eyes are failing me. Off to bed (soon!).

New piece in the Etsy shop :: Bridal headband

Posted on | Friday, January 2, 2009 | 3 Comments

A lovely and elaborate bridal headband has just been listed in my Etsy shop! I love this piece. It is white and ivory and features a beautiful alencon lace, vintage enamel floral brooch, and vintage flowers all secured onto a silver plated super skinny metal headband. Gorgeous!

Happy New Year! :: Busy year already!

Posted on | Thursday, January 1, 2009 | 5 Comments

Happy New Year everyone!

I cannot believe how quickly 2008 came and went. Things are insanely busy as usual. If you've contacted me through an Etsy convo and email, hang in there and I hope to reply soon. I have got a mountain to get through and it will take some time. I apologize for the delay. Thank you so much for your patience!

In press news, the wonderful ladies at Southern Weddings have released their first print edition! I'm delighted to say that twigs & honey pieces are being featured in their first issue in the "Fabulous Finds" section. The photos of the Encircling Gardens necklace and hair piece were taken by the wonderfully talented Paul Rich Studio (thank you!). Look for the issue on newsstands beginning January 6th. I can't wait to receive my hardcopy. From what I can tell, theirs will be a beautiful wedding publication! Thank you Southern Weddings!

In fashion news, I'm so excited to announce the upcoming English Dept. Bridal Fashion Show.
When: Sunday, February 1st at 2 pm
Where: The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel, 1022 SW Stark Street
There will be plenty of gorgeous dresses by The English Dept., lingerie by the ultra fab and feminine Lille Boutique, flowers by the always fresh and modern Ink & Peat, gift registries by Canoe, and accessories by twigs & honey (hooray!). More information to come. Lots of work ahead, but I'm thrilled!

On a completely random note, has anyone else seen this gorgeous new dress by Elizabeth Dye?? I have a new crush... head over heels. Visualizing twirling in this little and floaty number. I already showed Matt. You know... with my b-day coming up, it's good to help the guy out with subtle hints.

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