Wedding dream team collaboration :: Photo shoot

Posted on | Tuesday, March 31, 2009 | 15 Comments

Whew! Yesterday was fantastic! I had a great time collaborating with some of my favorites (the best!) in the Portland wedding arena for a gorgeous photo shoot.

Dress extraordinaire, Elizabeth Dye
Photographer, Lisa Warninger
Stylist, Chelsea Fuss (of frolic!)
Accessories, Twigs & Honey (yours truly)
Model, Anna Adams
Location, Ace Hotel

These are just some of my photos... but more beautiful photos by Lisa should be coming in a few weeks.









More photos to come!
Thank you Elizabeth, Chelsea, Lisa, Anna, and Jaime!! I had a wonderful time!
Visit my Flickr photosream for more photos... HERE.

A new favorite piece :: just listed in my Etsy shop!

Posted on | Friday, March 27, 2009 | 5 Comments

This morning, I was reading one of my new favorite blogs, 100 Layer Cake, and I came across one of my favorite wedding inspiration boards ever... and what are the beginnings of possibly a favorite wedding dress too! I was instantly inspired:

The inspiration board was made by the talented Jenna for her upcoming wedding and the dress will be made by her sister, Sarah, of hello, handmade (board and sketch credits go to Jenna and Sarah).
I love Marie Antoinette fashion and have been inspired before. Also, you know that show stopper hat I made for the Novel Romance bridal show last month? It is featured top right of this blog in the logo photographed by the fabulous Lisa Warninger (whom you already know and if you don't... you need to know of!). I received so many inquiries about that hat (expect to see more of that hat in the future)! BUT... that hat took forever to make. I think I was up until 4am hand sewing it together... so naturally, I have to price it accordingly. Anyhow, with this new inspiration and with current interest in the hat, I've decided to make more for the fashionably adventurous bride (yay, right??). Here is the newest of a whole new line I'd like to build on that is much more friendly on the wallet:

This piece is completely hand sewn and features something new and something old... lots of luxurious silk, lace, just the right amount of sparkle and a pretty ostrich plume (I'm on an ostrich kick as of late - expect to see much more ostrich!). In my SHOP right now. Enjoy!

Just listed a couple new pieces in the Etsy shop...

Posted on | Thursday, March 26, 2009 | 2 Comments

Some lovely and flirty new pieces for my shop today...

Current clothing crush :: Lauren Moffatt

Posted on | Wednesday, March 25, 2009 | 3 Comments

I recently found Lauren Moffatt's work through {this is glamorous} blog and I am just swooning. Visit the new Lauren Moffatt online shopping site HERE.

I love androgynous looks.

This dress is my absolute favorite.
Go to this is glamorous blog for your chance to win a Lauren Moffatt dress!
Photo credits: Lauren Moffatt

Ever have one of "those" days?

Posted on | Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | 2 Comments

I was feeling a little down today... a little under the weather and Indy has been too (she has an appt. later today). I was so happy to see these pretty blooms from Matt, when he came home for lunch earlier. It's gray out, but these really brighten my day. I love you, honey!

I love the color of these hypericum berries. They remind me of this stunning and delicious dress.

Matt is too cute. He normally picks out the flowers at the shop and tells the lady to put them into a vase with fillers. He likes to pick out all the pretty blooms... regardless of the color coordination. I can just picture him now, "this one is pretty... that one is too... ooh, Myra would like this..."
He is going to hate me for typing this, but I thought it was too funny/cute. The other day, I was just exhausted and not in the mood to bake, but he was wanting sweets and all we had in the cupboards was a box of lemon bar mix. He baked it! I never even attempted lemon bars. While they were in the oven, I was going to cut his hair (I always cut Matt's hair), and he was like, "oh, hang on. We had better wait until the lemon bars are finished baking." ...while keeping a close eye on the oven. I don't know why I find this so cute. They were pretty tasty when finished! Previously, while going through the cupboards, I found a box of cake mix. And I thought, "I didn't buy this..." And then it dawned on me that Matt did and he just put it in there like, "oh, the box will just bake itself," as in if it is in there, Myra will automatically make them. So the lemon bars were a huge step for him!

Puppies :: They grow up so fast

Posted on | Monday, March 23, 2009 | 6 Comments

Just some more pictures of Indy. She has grown so quickly! She's about 6.5 months now. Also some before and after photos:

Today, she hasn't been feeling well. Poor pup!

Orders List :: Sorry for the delay!


I'm back from vacation and am doing a quick and dirty post on all the orders on my queue. If you have discussed an order with me and do not see your name on this list, please get in touch with me (convo or email). Many of these names have multiple pieces, and I've recorded it on the master list. Also, many of these names are the first name and last initial as they were initiated off Etsy and I am protecting privacy. I'm also preparing for several photo shoots this month and boutique orders and will have those pieces ready asap! Thank you so very much for your patience!! Here goes:

1. thoang
2. Claudikc
3. jillianchong
4. tiff7000
5. jennmacivor
6. KateC.
7. ciaobella83
8. orchidlilly2222
9. jesseandgrace
10. teresa2020
11. esgal
12. hayley1601
13. blacksheepdesign
14. jenacat
15. mitchell821
16. Fran4362
17. bethharley
18. thedamaris
19. corbin1234
20. tahoebound2009
21. katielouu
22. ahhmee
23. copel008
24. blacmagik21
25. kooki8
26. StephanieS.
27. MelanieS.
28. nancy323323
29. ashleygranados
30. jessbruin
31. lamchops
32. HannahR.
33. n3lla
34. boycooper
35. ringobubblegirl
36. emilyjnelson
37. Mavouree
38. jkatlee
39. deen1213
40. twiggyforest
41. jessmark
42. beehandmade
43. kimatusc
44. SooN.
45. jlprellop
46. joanna056
47. BeccaG.
48. kdominelli
49. grlofthenorthcountry
50. myra1210
51. cdodson
52. boogan
53. brownkatharine
54. laurelnicole
55. LesaC.
56. JamieB.
57. KristaM.
58. ambutton
59. misshippo
60. whitcalgal
61. em969
62. jikiankc
63. fayelouise
64. zoyichka
65. hopechristine
66. botodesigns
67. DeannaM.
68. skinnerpa
69. tigerbaby25
70. KristaJ.
71. NicoleB.

Happy Monday!!

Gorgeous bridal hair :: Styles on B

Posted on | Thursday, March 19, 2009 | 6 Comments

I don't know why I didn't do this post sooner!
If you are a bride in the New York area and are searching for a stylist for your perfect wedding hair, visit Stacy of Styles on B. On top of being ultra sweet, Stacy is amazingly talented at creating stunning, sophisticated and feminine wedding hairstyles. I need an excuse to go to New York to have my hair styled by her! I found out about Stacy from a previous bride I worked with (remember Molly and Bill's gorgeous wedding?). Some of my favorites:

...and a twigs & honey piece!

View more of her beautiful work HERE.

Cheap treats :: Lovely thread earrings


I just discovered charsbeadcreations on Etsy. I love her whimsical thread chandelier earrings:

I immediately snatched up two pairs:
Click here, and here

Guess how much??? I asked Matt, who was sitting next to me and his guess, "$50? Those are really intricate." Nope... only $7 per pair!!! AND $0 for shipping. Free shipping! Hop over to her shop and snatch up a pair for spring!
Photo credits: charsbeadcreations

Vacation shoes

Posted on | Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | 2 Comments

J. Crew has a great "final sale" right now on these fantastic sandals. I just got them this past week for our vacation and I LOVE them. I am usually nervous to order shoes online because I'm so picky about fit, but these are so comfy. Much more so than flip flops. Plus, if you buy right now through March 21st, you get an extra 20% off by entering the code "extra20" at checkout. I got them for $49.99... but head over right now to get an additional $10 off!

Matt said they were "sexy"! Bonus!
Photo credits: J. Crew

In my spare time...

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... I try to "think" I know a thing or two about computers. puah ha ha... ha *slight sigh*

Somethings are easy and the easy things are hard. For instance, my lack of a mouse has helped me to heighten my keyboard shortcut skills to the point where I scare myself when I get into a crazy rhythm of ctrls and alts. But other things... yikes.

If this blog looks a bit janky over the next week or two, forgive me as my fingers fumble over the keyboard. I'm trying to make it prettier, I swear.

For real pretty things, visit Becky Kelso's website for understated, yet completely ga-ga gorgeous jewelry.... at the very least, to tie you over while my blog is on the fritz.

I love every single piece on her site. I want it all.
Found through Snippet & Ink
Photo credits: Becky Kelso

Etsy shop update! :: Many new pieces

Posted on | Sunday, March 15, 2009 | 2 Comments

Lots of pretty little things in my Etsy shop today. A nearly identical headband to the one above was featured in all the Brides Local magazines this month. Yay!

Also, I'll be on vacation this coming week. I'll post more details soon!

Hair today.... gone tomorrow...

Posted on | Friday, March 13, 2009 | 14 Comments

I decided to make my hair adventures a two part series. Matt and I recently watched the movie Bride Wars, and I'm usually not a big fan of Anne Hathaway, but I really loved her hair in the flick and it completely changed my mind on what style I wanted. Before I go any shorter, I thought I should give her do a try, since I had so much hair to work with. I liked her blunt, in between lengths cut. Something so fresh about it. I've seen layered cuts for so long and I've had my hair layered for what seems like even longer... so these blunt cuts and bobs are really appealing to me (Nothing wrong with layers! I'm just bored). After I keep this style for a while, I think I'll cut it shorter for something more adventurous and choppy. The inspiration:

Obviously, I have some bangs and my hair is straight... but I liked the essence of her cut and tomorrow... I'm buying a big barrel curler. Before:


A pretty blunt cut but with some light texture at the ends.

I need to take an "action" shot because my hair has tons of movement now. If I shake my head, my hair keeps on moving. I love it. So silky and clean. Thank you stylists at Bishops in Portland. No appointment necessary... great for procrastinators.

... I did it!

Posted on | Thursday, March 12, 2009 | 10 Comments

14 INCHES!!!! GONE!!!! I cut over a foot of hair off my head! LOVE IT. Pictures to come.

I think I'm going to do it....

Posted on | Wednesday, March 11, 2009 | 5 Comments

...cut my hair! On Thursday...

New pieces :: In my Etsy shop later today...

Posted on | Tuesday, March 10, 2009 | 4 Comments

I'll be listing a couple new pieces in my Etsy shop later on Wednesday. Perfect for spring!

Spring Fashion :: Etsy Voter


Voting ends March 16th at 8:00am...
A twigs & honey piece made it on the board. Vote for your favorite Spring Fashion. I also noticed another local talent, Holly Stalder, on the board!
Go HERE to vote.
Bring on the sun, shorter skirts, and flowers...

New Piece :: Etsy update


Just added this lovely adornment to my Etsy shop.

I need to post one more inspiration post to last week's series! I'll try to do that later today. It's getting late and the day light savings has me all screwed up.

Oh! And you know what I FINALLY checked off my "to do" list?? I watched two fabulous and lovely movies... Paris, je t'aime over the weekend and Slumdog Millionaire. Aw~ they just get you in that loving mood, don't they? I watched the former at home by myself Saturday night. How cool am I? Matt and I watched the latter in an eclectic theater in downtown Salem Monday night. It was this quirky place and the bottom floor of a parking garage. Amazingly, we've lived only a few blocks away for almost a year and I always miss it. Kind of a hole in the wall but nice because there weren't as many hooligans as there are in the mall's theater. ;) Needless to say, it was good one-on-one time with Matt. Check these movies out with your loved one!

Week of Inspiration :: Day 4 :: Going the distance

Posted on | Thursday, March 5, 2009 | 3 Comments

I love my "job". Most often than not, it doesn't feel like work. Sure, I am exhausted all the time, and frazzled or stressed about some fast approaching deadline, but it's such a hard feeling to describe.... working for yourself. You don't have someone telling you what to do, yet you just do it because it makes you feel good. Some days I'm really tired or even sick, but I still want to work. I think I have some form of attention deficit disorder... I definitely have a bit of OCD... but I can't stand still. It drives me bonkers. I have to keep working on something!

I like photographing my pieces in natural light so it always seems like a race against the clock to have all the pieces finished so I can photograph them before the light dims too much outside. In the summer, 7pm would roll around too quickly and I'd almost curse the clock, wishing I had more time to work just so I didn't miss the sunlight. Sound a bit wacky yet? I used to be SO competitive with everything. It wasn't healthy! But even now, I like challenges. I like keeping my plate piled high with projects.

Some days, I admit, are tougher than others. Sometimes it feels like I'm spinning my wheels and not really going anywhere. Other days, I have huge personal or business-related successes and it makes all those exhausting days worth it. You know... those instances when you get off the phone or click out of an email and start jumping around and dancing with your arms in the air like no one is watching. I know everyone reading does it - don't deny it! I had one of those moments today... but I'll have to tell you more about it later! ;)

I am rambling again! So I wanted to dedicate today's post to Leanne Marshall who has inspired so many with her work ethic and otherworldly talent for designing fabulous clothes. I know Leanne was uber talented and hard working before getting on a tv show. She had such drive and such a passion for what she did that it was so great to see her get amazing exposure on Project Runway. I remember before she was totally famous, exchanging a chain of convos with her about all things business and all things that make us roll our eyes. And even though it was tough, she worked through it and is really on her way! Thank you Leanne for working so hard so the rest of us can enjoy your beautiful clothes!!

Leanne Marshall
Photo from here.

I love how Leanne sports her own creations all the time!
Photo from here.

Week of Inspiration :: Day 3 :: A one woman powerhouse

Posted on | Wednesday, March 4, 2009 | 2 Comments

Photo credits: Ann Wood Handmade

I'll probably eat my own words in the future, but since the beginning of twigs & honey until now, I've felt that it was important for myself to keep the business smaller in scale. And by that, I mean that I felt that it was important for me to create each piece. As many of you know, I've loved the work of Ann Wood Handmade. I was in awe of her work while planning our wedding and completely taken by her little birds. As time went on, I continued reading her blog and it was wonderful to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work. She was so inspiring. Ann has such a talent for creating unique, one of a kind pieces. I would love to pick her brain one day! Even though she had so much more demand for her pieces than there was enough time in the day for her to sew, she continued to handcraft each and every single piece. There was something magical about this to me and I've made it a point to follow in her lead. I actually have 3 of her birds now (which were not easy to come by!), and it really means something to me to know that this fantastic woman on the other side of the continent hand cut and hand sewed these birds, two of which sat on our wedding cake and made it into Portland Bride & Groom magazine. As I read her blog, I took mental notes and have even had a couple email exchanges with her. She is nothing short of the sweetest lady around and was ultra supportive of me when I had mentioned the idea of starting twigs & honey. After time went on with twigs & honey, I felt like so many of the topics she wrote about, I went through with the biz.

On top of her talents, I personally believe she is very budget friendly. If you own one of her birds, you know the craftsmanship that goes into each and every bird. Every stich is just perfect and each tiny little eye is placed just so. I remember Matt used to think I was just doing my crazy girly girl thing when I shelled out for her birds... but after creating things by hand and really knowing all the work that goes into every handmade piece, I totally understand her price points and actually think she is very affordable (trust me... you might think they are high, but if you work for yourself for a year, they'll seem like a steal!). For every handmade item you see, there is a ton of work behind it. Whether it is driving to the supply shop, listing pieces on the web, or packing up a box for shipping, the piece itself is not the only place where time is invested. And when you work for yourself and get sick, forget about the sick leave pay or vacation pay... or personal business leave days! You really need to account for everything. And don't forget those website fees and taxes!! Ugh.. taxes (more to come on taxes in later posts!). Where am I going with this? I mean to say that I was inspired by Ann Wood to keep prices as budget friendly as possible while still providing high quality, one of a kind pieces, that were handmade by my own hands and to be enjoyed by those I am working with. Whew! Needless to say, Ann Wood... you are awesome!

One of Ann Wood's lovely ships.

Photo credits: Ann Wood Handmade
Just a disclaimer... I want to say that having employees and others making your designs is completely fine. :) I just found it personally important to handmake and hand sew all my pieces. I may be eating my foot later down the road when I need the help, but for now, I'd like to make everything for everyone else to cherish. Thank you Ann Wood for the inspiration!

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