Dream lookbook shoot :: All my local favorites

Posted on | Tuesday, June 29, 2010 | 7 Comments

I feel so lucky to know such talented ladies in the Portland, OR area. I was absolutely thrilled to have a chance to work with all of them on a recent shoot for the new Twigs & Honey lookbook (coming soon!). I hope to make this a habit! ;)

Accessories: Twigs & Honey
Photography: Lisa Warninger
Styling & Flower garland: Chelsea Fuss
Dresses: Elizabeth Dye
Makeup/Hair: Madeline Roosevelt
Models: Olivia Bee (top) and Kate Troedsson
Thank you!! (Also, thank you to Jade for being the third lovely model: photos to come! and Amy, my big sista, for being an awesome assistant)


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The sunset in Paris...



Posted on | Wednesday, June 23, 2010 | 4 Comments

I feel so lucky to have worked with such a talented group of women on Tuesday. Each contributed a great deal to the shoot and I am very thankful! The shoot is a bit of a surprise and many hours in the making, but look for a sneak peak on {frolic!} blog soon!
Thank you, Lisa Warninger, for your amazing photography skills, eye for detail, super sweet attitude and professionalism!
Thank you, Chelsea Fuss, for your fabulous and impeccable styling - you went above and beyond!
Thank you, Madeline Roosevelt, for the gorgeous makeup and hair styling AND for keeping an eye on everything throughout the shoot.
Thank you, Elizabeth Dye, for bringing more than an armload of amazing dresses... I had such a hard time choosing! - plus, I love the humor you brought to the shoot.
Thank you, lovely models, Kate Troedsson, Jade Sheldon, and Olivia Bee, not just for being stunning, but also for your kindness AND patience... you were all so easy to work with!
Thank you, Fuss family, for letting us shoot in your beautiful secret garden (and for letting us have run of your lovely house!
Thank you, Amy, my big sis, who was my second pair of hands, and eyes, AND ears on everything!!!! (hey world - if you need a shoot assistant, get in touch with her!).
Whew! THANK YOU!!!

Take my breath away...

Posted on | Friday, June 18, 2010 | 6 Comments

Photo credits: Kate MacPherson
For Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop
Models: Julie Falconer and me!
Dresses: Sarah Seven
Hair: Erin Skipley
Makeup: Lauren Napier
Wheat bouquet: Eden of End Design

Wow, so cool! :: Liga Photography

Posted on | Wednesday, June 16, 2010 | 5 Comments

I just saw this on Abby Liga's facebook. Abby is the amazing photographer behind Liga Photography. She has a huge print up at Solutions Bridal Boutique... and what's that? The lovely Julie Falconer wearing a Twigs & Honey head piece. Yeah!

More! :: From Tag7 photography


I can't get enough of these amazing photos from Tag7!




Photo credits: Tag7
For Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely WorkshopHeadpieces: Twigs & Honey
Dresses: Kirstie Kelly Bridal, Sarah Seven for Lovely bridal shop, and Claire Pettibone
Shrug: Elizabeth Dye
Hair & Makeup: Erin Skipley & Lauren Napier
Models, Julie, Gina, Myra


Posted on | Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | 4 Comments

That's me on the left and the lovely Julie Falconer on the right (she was the face of the Royal Ascot a couple years ago!):

Photo credits: Elizabeth Messina

Tag7 Photography

Posted on | Monday, June 14, 2010 | 8 Comments

At Elizabeth Messina's Workshop last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Langer, an amazig photographer for husband and wife photography company, Tag7. They are currently based in Switzerland, and have stunning photos. Andrea is one of the sweetest and loveliest ladies around. She is great to work! In addition to her raw talent, she is soooo stylish. I have to pay attention to fashion, and I definitely noticed her awesome outfits all week (not to mention she has hair commercial quality gorgeous long locks). I just cannot gush enough about her. Be sure to visit their blog HERE and say "hello!"
Recently, she posted some amazing photos of model, Gina Moore wearing a Twigs & Honey head piece and Elizabeth Dye shrug (that's my shrug!). Isn't Gina gorgeous, by the way??

Thank you, Andrea!!
From Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop
Photo credits: Tag7
Dress: Kirstie Kelly
Head pieces: Twigs & Honey
Model: Gina Moore
Shrug designer: Elizabeth Dye


Posted on | Friday, June 11, 2010 | 4 Comments

Can't. Stop. Working!
I just had a lovely time chatting the evening away with some amazing Portland area bloggers yesterday and also on a project with this amazing photographer and this amazing stylist (there are other suprises in terms of the people involved, but I'm keeping it a secret until it's finished!).
Long story short, I've been a very bad blogger and I am so sorry for the dribble of posts for the last few weeks. I just feel guilty posting even if I have a minute! I promise to have some surprises over the next few weeks for you! Thank you so much for hanging in there with me!!

DK Designs :: beautiful hydrangeas

Posted on | Tuesday, June 8, 2010 | 4 Comments

I just can't get enough of Diane's handmade clay flowers. Her business, DK Designs, is just lovely. I actually remember being home sick when I was working full time AND starting Twigs & Honey... I was watching the Martha Stewart Show and saw Diane's work (she instructed Martha!). Her flowers look sooo real. Recently, I asked her if she might be able to make me a set of her beautiful hydrangea flowers but for my hair because I wanted to wear them in France. She was sooooo sweet and made me two sets AND a gorgeous arrangement (photos to come!). Long story short, she has listed these lovely hair hydrangeas in her Etsy shop. You have to get a set!! They are the ones you see me wearing in our France photos. Get your own set HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE.

photo credits: DK Designs

Summer, where art thou?


In Oregon, I feel like you have 2 seasons. 1. Winter, which is about 9 months long; 2. Summer, which is that small other window if you're lucky. I'm really bummed that we didn't have a spring this year. Anyone else in Oregon agree? Maybe I missed it while in France (France had amazing weather by the way!), but it was way too wet and cold this winter/spring for my liking. Anyhow, the past is in the past and I'm looking ahead for SUN! Specifically, I've been trying to see if June 18th will be a sunny day. I feel like I'm planning our wedding again. For the wedding, I checked the weather every single day because we had an outdoor wedding late summer with ZERO back-up plan. haha! Anyhow, good things happening on June 18th that I'll share with everyone soon, but as for now, the farthest out I can see in terms of the forecast is June 17th via weather.com:

Looking good, Thursday! Tomorrow, I'll be able to see Friday. Must be patient. The funny thing is, I should know better than to rely on forecasts so far out (fun fact: I used to study climatology/weather). Too many variables!

Woah Vera Wang, Woah!

Posted on | Monday, June 7, 2010 | 5 Comments

I LOVE Vera Wang anything.
I love all her designs. I love her bridal AND bridesmaid dresses AND everyday wear.
I love the little empire she has created.
I love her personal simplistic style.
I love that she's successfull AND a mother.
I love how she creates her own path.
I really LOVE her 2011 dresses:

Just when you think she's outdone herself, she does it again.
Vera Wang... you rock.

Kate MacPherson Photography

Posted on | Saturday, June 5, 2010 | 2 Comments

I am in love with Kate MacPherson's work. Can't get enough. She came to Elizabeth Messina's Workshop in France all the way from New Zealand! So glad she did because her work is stunning and she is sooooooo sweet and easy to work with. I adore this photo she took of Gina:


Photo credits: Kate MacPherson
For Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop
Head piece: Twigs & Honey original
Model: Gina Moore
Makeup and hair: Lauren Napier and Erin Skipley

Loving Delphine Manivet dresses

Posted on | Thursday, June 3, 2010 | 4 Comments

At Elizabeth's Workshop, some of my favorite dresses were by Delphine Manivet (and Claire Pettibone!). I just spotted this sweet and short number on their website. Isn't it lovely?

I love this one too:

Happy Belated Birthday to the Lovely Kim


Kim is SOOOOO cute!

Photo credits: Elizabeth Messina

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