Lovely new piece to be listed in 1 minute!

Posted on | Thursday, July 31, 2008 | 4 Comments

This is a quick note to say I'm about to list a new piece in my Etsy shop. I will be listing some other custom pieces too late night. Thank you for your patience!

This new piece is made of all handmade petals and a lovely vintage brooch. The petals are from a lovely coral colored vintage jacket - recycled! Thank you Holly!

New pieces :: On their way to the English Dept. tomorrow

Posted on | Tuesday, July 29, 2008 | 5 Comments

Just posting some pictures of pieces I'll be delivering to The English Dept. in Portland, OR tomorrow.

This one is my favorite.

The Bite of Salem AND celebrating 6 years!

Posted on | Monday, July 28, 2008 | 2 Comments

This past friday marked 6 years together for Matt and I! Okay, so call us dorks since we are now married, but we still like to keep track of when we became bf & gf. We live a pretty short distance from the Waterfront Park of Salem, OR and since I was insanely busy, we decided to make it a more casual night and headed to The Bite of Salem for dinner. I like food so this was great!

Great gift idea for your special guy :: Bespoke made easy by 9tailors

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When Samantha of 9tailors got in touch with me last month, I was excited! My hubby, Matt, is always having the most difficult time finding a well fitting shirt. Does your guy experience this? One of the problems for Matt is that he is tall and lean and any shirt long enough is generally too big in the sides. Anyhow, the brilliant force behind 9tailors would like to help your guy get the right fit with their customizeable shirts. 9tailors makes getting the most practical and thoughtful gift for your guy so easy!!! Rather than butcher the company's description, here is what Samantha had to say:

"History - I was in China last year doing graduate school and I probably made about 60 pieces of clothing. And, I thought what a great service to bring to the U.S. because I know A) a lot of people can't buy clothing off the rack (I'm 5'0" and curvy) and have to get things altered; B) it's difficult to find places in the U.S. to purchase affordable custom made clothing; and C) it's also very difficult to find clothing companies where the end user has a hand in the creative process.

Process - It's fairly simple. Step 1) Register onto the site. Step 2) Get measured. Step 3) Design a shirt. Step 4) Wait 3-6 weeks for your shirt to arrive.

Products - All our products are made-to-measure. There are many possibilities for our shirts (over 300,000 unique shirts can be created). We do not mass produce our shirts at all. Our products are great for work, play and special occasion. They make great groomsmen gifts too as we can monogram each shirt."

How exciting, yes??? Well, I am excited. This would make a perfect wedding gift for your special guy or anniversary gift and seeing that Matt and I have our 1 year anniversary coming up, I'd better get a move on with this!

Thank you Samantha for sharing all the fabulousness of 9tailors with the rest of us! By the way, Samantha always told me, "At some point, we will be moving to women's products..." YES!

New piece! :: DewDrop birdcage veil with handmade blooms

Posted on | Friday, July 25, 2008 | 5 Comments

Just a super fast note...

I have been having to turn away a ton of wonderful brides because I truly cannot take on any more rush orders from now through the first week of September. I feel very guilty and so sorry, but I am pulling about 18-20 hour workdays and it will be like this straight through September, 7 days a week and no holidays. My last rough tally shows I have 660+ custom pieces to make from now until October and this isn't including special projects and boutique orders. I just want to personally say that if I could squeeze more into a day, I would very much love to work with everyone interested! From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO much for your support and kind words about twigs & honey!

I am going to try to throw up pieces from time to time and today is one of those days! I call this the "4am piece". hahaha! In the middle of the night, I was chipping away at convos and I just felt so bad having to turn away so many sweet ladies so I decided to make a lovely veil/flower piece open to the public. I will be listing it within a couple hours. It is white and ivory, silk chiffon, completely handmade and with a couple sleek goose feathers. Check it out in my Etsy shop.

Ruby & Crickette :: New twigs & honey vendor

Posted on | Wednesday, July 23, 2008 | 1 Comment

I'm excited to announce that Ruby & Crickette will soon be carrying my pieces in their online boutique based out of Australia. You can view all the pieces in their Indy Bridal Collection. This is a great opportunity for brides and other stylish ladies to snatch up a ready made piece now, with no wait time besides shipping. This is also great for all the Australian brides and ladies! Thank you so much Deb! While you are checking out the pieces, take a look around. The shop also offers other lovely gems and the owner creates jewelry too!

On a side note, sorry for the sparse blogging lately! Can you tell that it has gotten exponentially busy? Busy is good, but due to the building schedule, blog posts might be a little skimpy and I'll be doing only light convo'ing/emailing until August. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Congrats to Leanne of Leanimal!

Posted on | Friday, July 18, 2008 | 2 Comments

Hey everyone! Leanne of Leanimal is a contestant on this season's Project Runway! I cannot say I'm surprised. T'was only a matter of time before more people took notice. She is a wonderfully gifted designer in Portland, OR. I splurged on a few of her dresses earlier in the year and I just gush about them all the time. I'm excited to tune in! I generally don't watch shows on tv/cable, but how could I miss this? Yay Leanne!

Photo Credits: Bravo

Random Thursday ;)

Posted on | Thursday, July 17, 2008 | 5 Comments

What the heck is this mess, you ask yourself? No laughing as I invested a bit of time into it, but it is a supposed to be a frog's sanctuary. Okay, I'm a dork, I know! So a few weeks ago while driving, my hubby found a pond with a ton of tadpoles on the side of the road and he brought one home. You can see it in a previous post in a glass vase. Well, the time came to let "Frogger 2" go. I know, super creative name, yes? I got Matt a little itty bitty frog for our aquarium last year, aptly named Frogger... so the new one became "2". I actually tried to keep him longer and tried feeding him nightcrawlers, but he was more freaked out by them than anything else. I had a brilliant idea to make a little pond with a rock to perch on and a little house so that he would stick around and eat bugs for us - organic bug killer! I had read somewhere that pots turned over make great houses for frogs and if you speckle them around your yard, they'll live in them during the day. I had Matt punch out a hole in one of our pots to complete our frog's sanctuary. We had him in the makeshift pond with a lid over it overnight so he'd get acquainted with it and his new surroundings. The next morning we popped the lid off and let him be. After I finished shipments and went out for a look-see, he was gone. Actually, it's as if he couldn't get away faster. Hahaha! Oh well. *sigh* I thought his "home" was pretty wicked.

And a few pictures of the garden:

New piece just listed :: Simple bouquet

Posted on | Monday, July 14, 2008 | 10 Comments

I just thought I'd whip this up after lunch today - a simple bridal bouquet. I have been meaning to do a bouquet for a long time now, but it got so busy I never got the chance! There is a super sweet bride that I've been working with for a few months now and who has waited the longest - thank you so much for waiting!! I'm working on her bridal bouquet at the moment and it will be more elaborate than this single bloom bouquet. I can't wait to finish it! I'll have to post about it when I finally finish this, going on several months, piece. Thank you "mannad"!!!

UPDATE July 15th :: Sold out this morning to a wonderfully sweet bride. Thank you!

She's done it again! Far too cute :: Ann Wood Handmade

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Just thought I'd share some photos from Ann Wood Handmade's latest blog post:

Too cute!
Photo credits: Ann Wood

Progress Post Updated :: Today through July 16th only

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As always, thank you so much for your continued support and patience. Here is the updated progress post for orders from today through July 16th. There are some that will be shuffled as they are super time sensitive. Also, some of the pieces may take up to July 26th to complete as I tried to prepare ahead of time for a "catch up" period. Okay... so I was also trying to squeeze in a vacation, but I think it will have to wait until winter. :) Here goes for this week:

Currently on deck:
1. mannad11 (1 piece remaining of 5)
2. CatNg (1)
3. weddingbliss09 (3)
4. Silvia1927 (3)
5. badle126 (1)
6. Amandita8 (1)
7. Littleleafdesigns (14 – halfway finished)
8. missmay12 (7)
9. zeuger (1)
10. katiepie (2)
11. cuttlefish (1)
12. valleygirl818 (2)
13. baxterem (12)
14. kelli204 (1)
15. kthomps3 (1)
16. nlew1983 (1)
17. lisandram (1)
18. alaud14 (1)
19. Trianne11 (1)
20. ninozka74 (1)
21. jenniferdrew (4)
22. Abbymay (1)
23. Stinkerpants (1)
24. rio2007 (2)
25. yswedding (2)
26. jamiestreet (1)
27. bekah57 (1)
28. micherry (1)
29. jrthomas1 (1)
30. penpun (1)
31. wendito123 (1)
32. amazed1119 (1)
33. Luna1031 (5)
34. rubybeth (1)
35. Jetrichey (1)
36. jenny5 (14)
37. kushun (1)
38. BxBride (1)
39. kentuckysunshine (1)

Boutique Orders on deck:
1. S.B.
2. E.D.

Next to be on deck:
1. M.C. (2)
2. athena80 (1)
3. pinkpurplepeonies (1)
4. madam377 (1)
5. demichild (4)
6. 2563Christine (1)
7. dealejob (1)
8. londinium (12)
9. Ink2007 (3)
10. spyseegrl (1)
11. amymusic (4)
12. K.W. (2)
13. JoiedeVeJewelry (1)
14. misono (1)

Stocklist update :: New deliveries and future availability

Posted on | Friday, July 11, 2008 | 2 Comments

Twigs & honey has gotten the green light from the founder of Bella Bridesmaid and is now on their official Vendor List. Bella Bridesmaid has over 20 boutiques nationwide and you may start seeing pieces readily available for purchase in person nationwide soon. Check your local Bella Bridesmaid boutique for availability.

Also, a little bird has told me that there is a growing "call back" list for twigs & honey pieces at the English Dept. in Portland, OR. In delightful response to the overwhelming support, I'll be planning another set of pieces to be delivered to the English Dept. later this month and I'll do a blog post with the new pieces at that time. Thank you so much for your interest and patience!! As of yesterday, there are only 2 remaining pieces. If you are in the Portland, OR area, check them out and visit the English Dept. for other fabulous frocks!

Some pieces just get me excited...

Posted on | Tuesday, July 8, 2008 | 3 Comments

I can't explain it but I just get weak in the knees after I make some pieces. This headband I finished yesterday happens to be one of them. It's for a lovely bride, Jude, in the UK. Thank you Jude! She is getting married by the sea so I suggested seashells and here's the final product:

Progress Post Updated :: Today through July 12th only

Posted on | Monday, July 7, 2008 | 1 Comment

Thank you so much to all the patient brides! It's been an animal house these past few weeks and it means the world to me that everyone is so flexible and patient. Again, these are not static in order and more pressing wedding dates will get shuffled to ensure timely arrival. These are just orders from today through July 12th. If your tentative completion date is after July 12th, it is not on here yet. Also, from July 17th - July 24th, I have allocated 8 days where no custom orders were scheduled to be completed (I had to schedule that 9 weeks in advance! haha!), so any outstanding orders will be finished then. I will get to the closest wedding dates for sure though and thank you so much for being so patient! Here we go:

Currently on deck:
1. mannad11 (1 piece remaining of 5)
2. Ggriffith81 – (8 pieces finished – need to list)
3. CatNg (1)
4. megone (1)
5. lauralim (15 – halfway finished)
6. patriciamasci (3)
7. sarahjeichberger (1)
8. weddingbliss09 (3)
9. lunarbonnet (8)
10. lenalevenson (4)
11. Silvia1927 (3)
12. danadaisys (1)
13. cookie01 (1)
14. badle126 (1)
15. Amandita8 (1)
16. mickeysue (1)
17. Littleleafdesigns (14 – halfway finished)
18. missmay12 (7)
19. zeuger (1)
20. katiepie (2)
21. kristin1981 (1)
22. cuttlefish (1)
23. valleygirl818 (2)
24. baxterem (12)
25. kelli204 (1)
26. kthomps3 (1)
27. nlew1983 (1)
28. lisandram (1)
29. alaud14 (1)
30. cocojude (1)
31. Trianne11 (1)
32. ninozka74 (1)
33. jenniferdrew (4)
34. Domestikit (1)
35. Abbymay (1)
36. Stinkerpants (1)
37. rio2007 (2)
38. yswedding (2)
39. jamiestreet (1)

Boutique Orders on deck:
1. S.B.
2. E.D.
Next to be on deck:
1. bekah57 (1)
2. micherry (1)
3. jrthomas1 (1)
4. penpun (1)
5. wendito123 (1)
6. chelyhuevo (1)
7. amazed1119 (1)
8. Luna1031 (5)
9. rubybeth (1)
10. Tamikorama (1)
11. Jetrichey (1)
12. Clairefox (1)
13. jenny5 (14)
14. kushun (1)
15. BxBride (1)
16. kentuckysunshine (1)

Twigs & honey featured :: Interview with Truly Smitten

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The delightfully talented, Sarah, of Truly Smitten has interviewed me and you can read all about it on her fabulous blog. She really picked my brain, which was a ton of fun and I hope you don't think I'm too quirky after reading it. :)

You must check out her services through Truly Smitten. She is amazing! She is a graphic designer and has such an eye for creating and designing beautiful things! Thank you so much Sarah!

Summer is here! Time to change things up...

Posted on | Sunday, July 6, 2008 | 3 Comments

Fitting photo, yes? Just a little secret, but I'll be changing up part of the business side of twigs & honey soon. I've been wanting to do it for SO long and it won't affect the design, service or anything along those lines, but it will allow me to do something I've wanted to for a long, long time and now I finally have that chance. Anyhow, because I still have some organizing to do in the background, it will have to stay a bit of a secret for now. So sorry to have to do that to you. Don't you just hate that? I promise I'll let you in on the secret soon! I'll also try to update the progress post later tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

By popular request, here are some new photos of our organic garden!



Just less than a month later.

The zucchini plant has grown!

You can see the beginnings of a new zucchini! Yum!

The vigorous cherry tomato plant... grow, grow!

The first itty bitty green bell pepper.

Dahlias and cosmos. I purchased the dahlia bulbs late and they were on super clearance so half didn't make it and I had to replace with 3 already grown annuals.

A juicy looking strawberry. Matt & I have already plucked a few of these tasties!

My mom & dad visited yesterday and brought some comfort foods since Matt and I were sick all week. Korean style chicken soup. Mmmm!
My mom commented on how quickly the garden grew since she last saw it and wanted to take some of the lettuce plants home as I have many extra. My dad was like, "oh, one more thing I am going to have to take care of." hahahaha... my mom responded, "No, no, I will water it." *dad rolls his eyes* And then my mom was like, "Look, look, did you see the frog?! Gross." Some things never change. ;)

It has definitely been rewarding. I've been sticking with the "organic" nature of the garden and hand pull the weeds and only use organic fertilizers. It is so empowering and gratifying to know exactly what is going into our food. I can't wait until we harvest our first salad: several leafy lettuce varieties, snow peas, green peppers, cherry tomato, and others.

Random babbling...

Posted on | Friday, July 4, 2008 | 5 Comments

Happy 4th of July!

So sad, but I just went out to water all the flower pots (about 20) and like a watchful mother, noticed that one of my terracotta pots with a petunia mysteriously went missing. *sigh*
Must mourn its loss for a moment. I think that one of the neightborhood kids may have snatched it, but who knows. I don't know what would possess someone to take someone else's flower pot! You can see one of its friends in the previous post where I'm plucking the dead flowers. I often have my window open to the front of the house while I work and I can see passerbys pointing and admiring the flowers as they were there for all to enjoy. I hope it finds its way home someday!

New piece just listed in my shop :: Encircling Gardens choker style necklace

Posted on | Thursday, July 3, 2008 | 5 Comments

Just a quick post to say that I finally made another Encircling Gardens Collection necklace and you can view it in my shop.

Matt was having fun photographing. Can you tell?

New pieces on their way to Bella Bridesmaid

Posted on | Wednesday, July 2, 2008 | 4 Comments

I'm very excited to announce that Bella Bridesmaid in San Francisco will be carrying some of my pieces! The boutique carries some of my favorite bridesmaid designers including Vera Wang, Simple Silhouettes, Melissa Sweet, and Jenny Yoo to name a few. I mailed the pieces yesterday so they should be arriving very soon and possibly to more Bella Bridesmaid boutiques in the future. I want to thank Bridget Brown, the founder of the franchise, for getting in touch to work with me and for being so amazingly supportive! Thank you Bridget and Bella Bridesmaid!

A quick photo of some of the pieces before I packed them away and shipped them off.

Congrats to Teresa Strasser and "Batman"

Posted on | Tuesday, July 1, 2008 | 1 Comment

I was more than pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call a few days ago from Teresa Strasser. She was literally at the airport leaving in an hour for her honeymoon and I was so flattered that she would call so soon after tying the knot! That's Teresa for you! Super considerate and utterly sweet. While at the airport, she emailed a few photos from from the day before her wedding in Vegas. Isn't she gorgeous? Yes, and of course on top of being beautiful, she's a total sweetheart. You can see all her pieces in my previous post. Her hubby's pseudo name on the Adam Carolla show is "Batman" if you were wondering about the title. Congrats Teresa and Batman. Thank you so much for working with me!! I hope you are having a most lovely honeymoon!

Teresa commented, "nice Vegas skyline, right?" If you look, you can see the Playboy bunny. ;D

Photo Credits: Batman

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