A few new pieces in the Etsy shop

Posted on | Tuesday, June 30, 2009 | 4 Comments

I haven't done a big update to my Etsy shop for a while, so I've added three new pieces. Each one is very different, one of a kind, and fun. Enjoy!

Blue bloom


Bridal headband

These ones are all finished and ready to adorn a pretty head.



Hooray for short weeks!
Just a quick announcement, but Matt and I are giving ourselves a mini-vacation this weekend. We are leaving Thursday evening and will be back Sunday. Pieces purchased on Thursday/Friday that are not made to order will ship Monday.
Random photos...


We've been working on the yard quite a bit over the past few weekends. Here's a bit of our new lawn and some shade plants including hostas and viburnum. You can't see the hydrangea in this photo, but it's pretty big and blooming already.


Our new sidewalk full sun garden. We wanted it to look a bit natural and wild, while providing color. There are a few zucchini and tomato plants here as well. Low maintenance was our goal.


The alley garden I planted with a wild flower mix that is suppose to be good for butterflies and requires minimal watering. There were already some daylilies planted by the previous owner. Lots of lovely poppies. This side of the house gets tons of weeds for some reason. I see some in this photo and it drives me nuts.


We also planted bell peppers in the sidewalk garden. Did I ever mention that our sidewalk garden is big? We haven't planted it all quite yet.


I planted a bunch of pots again this year, and this woodland-esque one is my favorite.


The loyal dog (holding a down position until "released"). We've put Indy on a new training program. Have you seen those Perfect Dog infomercials? Well, we decided to get it for Indy because the one problem we have with her is that she wasn't coming when called in some situations. Well, after watching the DVD series (per the recommendation of a vet assistant who said it was really effective), we realized we had to totally re-program Indy because the traditional method of training with treats was all wrong (according to the DVDs). It really works! I can go on and on, but just wanted to mention because until the training is finished, she has to wear the special collar and leash that you can see in this photo.
Happy Tuesday!

One of the most beautiful weddings...

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I loved looking through all the photos of Ginny and Ed's wedding. Gorgeous. I spotted them first on 100 layer cake blog and then on Once Wed. All the colors, flapper vintage style, straw hats, location... PERFECT.

Ginny + Ed's Wedding

I love these dresses!

Ginny + Ed's Wedding

Old world charm.

Ginny + Ed's Wedding

Ginny + Ed's Wedding

That bride is beautiful... so much sophistication! Makes me want to plan a garden party with the hubby so I can have an excuse to buy a flapper dress and straw hats... I wish I'd thought of it for our wedding!
Photo credits: Josh Goleman

Hunter Boots sale on Gilt Groupe today

Posted on | Friday, June 26, 2009 | 5 Comments

Things are selling out fast, but there is a Hunter Boots sale on Gilt Groupe today! I snagged a pair of equestrian-esque black boots for nearly free since I built up some credits! So excited. You can sign-up as a friend HERE.

I really wanted these ones, but they sold out of my size. They are having a Stuart Weitzman sale on Tuesday I'll have to try to remember.

I love anything that goes on your head

Posted on | Wednesday, June 24, 2009 | 4 Comments

I should have taken photos ages ago, but for our 1 year anniversary, I got Matt and I matching fedora style custom hats from Pinkham Millinery. I highly, highly recommend seeing Dayna Pinkham! She is just phenomenal. Everything is customizable, which really makes the end result that much more special. We got to choose the material, color, brim size, height, ribbon, accent... everything... and of course, it is all done in person. Dayna is such an expert and really knows how to make it look fantastic in accordance to your style and head/face shape. I love my hat! I love Matt's hat too (even more than my own). His turned out to be just so cool (photos to come). Anyhow, yet another piece to my growing collection of head gear... I love feminine meets masculine... anything androgynous.

Pinkham Millinery hat

Pinkham Millinery hat

Pinkham Millinery hat

Please excuse the zero make-up look. I've been busy!

Modern floral bustle


I finished it and here is what it looks like on (I am sure it will really shine on a wedding dress):



Thank you, Trang!!!!!!

New twigs & honey piece :: Modern floral bustle

Posted on | Tuesday, June 23, 2009 | 4 Comments

I have been working with one very sweet, sweet and patient bride for a long time now and I have finally finished her floral dress adornment that should have been finished months ago (thank you, Trang, for being so patient!). It took too many hours to recall and my wee hands are exhausted, but it is finished and it's got to be my favorite piece ever:



Many handmade silk flowers and leaves. It is very dramatic and unique. I will get some pictures of it modeled tomorrow. I pseudo modeled it to check the balance earlier, and I'm so giddy about it. It is really stunning on. Right now, I need to go eat something. I'm pooped. Thank you, Trang!!
Almost forgot... but I'm calling it a modern floral bustle and I'll start accepting custom order requests for it soon.
Prices starting at $250.

I want this...

Posted on | Monday, June 22, 2009 | 6 Comments

It looks so refreshing and yummy. From J. Crew.

This past weekend :: Amy's b-day and Father's Day


Just a few pictures after dinner this past weekend when we celebrated Amy's b-day and Father's Day:

Matt with candy in his mouth

Matt with candy in his mouth.


The family.


I'm wearing my Lauren Moffatt dress from gilt.com that I posted about HERE. Action shot as promised. :) I'm also wearing my Sandy Stretch Belt from Anthropologie and a gorgeous cuff bracelet from Noaki Jewelry.

Urban Weeds :: new blog to watch!


I just saw on Chelsea's frolic blog today that she has teamed up with the fabulous photographer, Lisa Warninger, on a new blog: Urban Weeds: Street Style from Portland.

I cannot wait to see all the Portland fashion and great photography!
Photo credits: Lisa Warninger

Portland Bride & Groom Summer 2009

Posted on | Friday, June 19, 2009 | 5 Comments

I love the new issue of Portland Bride & Groom Magazine. Everything is lovely and perfect. There are two real weddings featured with Twigs & Honey pieces. I don't have a scanner, so I photographed a few pages this morning, otherwise it would've taken me forever to get images up (my pile keeps growing... see below):

The Wish List

Twigs & Honey hair pieces... each petal is individually handmade and sewn in these two pieces.

I can't get over this amazing capelet and dress by Kate Towers.

I love the lightness of this Elizabeth Dye wedding dress.

A gorgeous bouquet by Chelsea Fuss of frolic blog.

A beautiful bride in a Twigs & Honey hair piece/veil and a Holly Stalder shrug.

I still have to scan these magazines! Yikes!

New piece in my Etsy shop! :: Champagne wishes


I'm loving the soft and silky texture of this new piece. Most of the petals are shapeable and it's completely handmade:

Champagne wishes

Champagne Wishes
I have listed it in my Etsy shop and you can view it HERE.

Braid Wednesday

Posted on | Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | 4 Comments

I heard about the Braid Wednesday Flickr group a couple weeks ago on Wiksten-made and thought, what a great idea! I finally remembered today so here are my braid contributions:


Myra - braid close up

I ended up creating a double fishtail braid with a smaller regular braid at the temple. Happy braiding!

New piece in my Etsy shop :: Garden bouquet hair piece

Posted on | Tuesday, June 16, 2009 | 6 Comments

I love this piece. I just listed it in my etsy shop! It is entirely handmade (except the vintage millinery leaves) including the fabric feather!



View it HERE.

New! :: Twigs & Honey garters


Flirty and oh-so-pretty new pieces in the Etsy shop now:


Blue Bird


Raspberry Tart

New piece in my Etsy shop :: Garden headband

Posted on | Friday, June 12, 2009 | 4 Comments

I love this design and so I decided to recreate it and list it in my etsy shop. I originally created it for A Lovely Workshop. Here is one of my favorite photos by Elizabeth Messina from the shoot:

It's a very easy going piece and perfect for an unfussy, carefree bride or for everyday. Find it HERE.

Anthropologie dresses + one great stylist


When Matt took me to Anthropologie, I just died from all the beautiful dresses they have at the moment. Elianna, a lovely and talented stylist, also helped by picking out some beautiful pieces that I probably wouldn't have grabbed on my own, but became some of my favorite items in the store. I highly recommend seeing her if you are at Anthropologie in Portland. You might think you have your style down pat, but working with a personal shopper/stylist can really help refresh or polish up your look. Some items that I didn't jump at on the rack ended up being completely "me" when she brought them and I tried them on. They were "me" but revamped, and I liked it. For instance:

This Walk-A-Ways dress... probably a dress I wouldn't try on myself, but now I find myself wishing I'd snatched it up! I ended up getting a lovely top and belt, but am trying to narrow down which dress to purchase because I loved a few too many of them. I really wanted to include a picture of this polka dot dress Elianna found for me, that was just too much for words... but I couldn't find one (will post if I do!). There was this fluttery sleeved tunic/mini dress that she found, that looks "interesting" on the hanger, and which looked amazingly fresh and modern on. Aw! Need to find pictures!
Visit Elianna's website HERE, to view her amazing portfolio. Here are some of my favorites that she has styled:

polka dot skirt : 2008

feathered and burlap : 2009

shangri-la trolley : 2008
It's great to walk into Anthropologie and be able to work with such an accomplished stylist! She really has an eye. She's very accessible and down to earth, so be sure to utilize her talents when you're at Anthorologie in the Pearl. More to come on this amazing stylist in mid-summer... *wink wink*
I cannot wait!



Matt surprised me with a mini vacay/getaway this week and it was just what we needed. We live in Salem, and just headed to downtown Portland, but it was just fantastic to get-away and recharge. We stayed at the Ace Hotel in the Superior Deluxe Corner room.

I especially loved how you could slide the bathroom walls/doors open into the main room! They are very pet friendly also, so we brought Indy, her toys, bed and all and I think she had a great time too.
In the evening, we watched Coraline at the Living Room Theaters across the street and walked to Powell's Bookstore afterwards for some hot chocolate. The next day, Matt treated me to a mini shopping spree at Anthropologie in the Pearl District (thank you Elianna for your styling help!).
I highly recommend the backyard getaway with your loved one! It is especially great on the wallet!
Thank you, honey! I LOVE you!

Cake topper :: In my Etsy shop later today

Posted on | Monday, June 8, 2009 | 6 Comments

Matt and I worked on the yard again for most of the weekend, but very late Friday night, I made this cake topper and I'll list it in my Etsy shop later today:



A couple lovebirds, blush pink crystal and lots of vintage bits.

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