That hair!

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Just thought I would follow up with a few photos from our 9-8-07 wedding. I noticed a request for some more photos of my updo on Style Me Pretty and thought I'd go ahead and share! I loved what Mark Putnam was able to do with my locks. Also, he even gave me a breakdown of how it would slightly drop through the day, hour by hour! My hair inspiration came from a few wedding magazines (particularly from Portland Bride & Groom) and Kirsten Dunst's coif creations in the movie Marie Antoinette (only, I didn't want the towering height!). Here is a nice selection and all photo credits go to the amazing Paul Rich Studio. By the way, my hair was nearly down to my bum at the time of our wedding, but I think similar hair creations could be achieved with shorter hair!

Big Updates :: Behind the Scenes :: New House and a New Chapter

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I've told a handful of people I've been working with, but you guessed it! I'm leaving my job for the last couple years as a Research Analyst for Forecasting to devote all my "work" time to twigs & honey (I don't want to say "to go full time" because it was already full time!). The above picture is my celebratory departure today. Haha! In all actuality, it was definitely not an easy decision! I probably held on a bit too long, but if you know me, you'll know that I'm rarely a risk taker and this is really a HUGE move. It literally got to the point where I was no longer sleeping and really not being the wife I want to be for Matt! Additionally, I wasn't seeing family or doing anything other than work and twigs & honey. Though I'm nervous, I'm also excited! I'll still be working far more than full time to play catch up, but things should get back on track in the next month or so. I sure do miss sleep! Thank you everyone at Forecasting and DHS for being so supportive and overall, a great group of people to work with. You will be missed!

Pondering my next move.

One last goodbye.

One box fits two years of my existence at the job. Hmmm.... good or bad? ;)

A few photos from our ongoing move into our first home! Two more days to completion!!

Another inside shot.

I just discovered our place has a Dogwood tree... and it's in bloom!

Matt & Myra! <---- homeowners!

And another M & M shot.

Parting shot of Matt at the side of the house. So I'm sure our place is a bit of a wreck at the moment, but I'll do a progress update through the months. So many projects ahead! I can't wait to start gardening again!

ELIZABETH DYE Fashion show :: May 9th at 7pm

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Friday May 9th
7 pm
The English Dept.
1124 SW Alder Street
503 224 0724

So exciting!
Yes, the fabulous lady behind my wedding dress, Elizabeth Dye, is having a fashion show in a couple weeks! It is also the English Dept.'s 3 year anniversary. Congrats! Be there or be square (okay, I know that was cheesy). Expect to see some of the most delightful fashions that are a mix of femininity, structure, lightness, and essentially all other things that are good. I am particularly fond of Elizabeth's choice of shapes and fit. Comfort and functionality meets high fashion! Brides: if you don't want to suffocate and pass out on your wedding day but still want to be exceptionally beautiful and glamorous, you should visit Elizabeth. *hint hint* No corsets or bustiers required. Thank goodness for Elizabeth Dye!
p.s. RSVP as space is limited. You may see a familiar face too. ;)

Exciting feature :: Style Me Pretty

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I was so completely thrilled to have our wedding featured in one of the most spectacular wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty. I have been a long time admirer of the fabulous blog and still find myself pouring over the great fashions and eye candy that grace each post. Abby, the talent behind the blog, was so thoughtful to do the beautiful feature and we couldn't be more grateful! Matt & I are also so excited to have our wedding photographers receive the recognition they deserve. Paul and Holly of Paul Rich Studio are two of the most talented wedding day photographers around and we are always so happy to see their success grow. Thank you Abby, Paul & Holly! Matt & I never tire of looking at our wedding photos... takes us right back to our beautiful wedding.

Back in Oregon and moving time!

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Matt & I are back from Reno! We had a wonderful time and met some great people. The food was my favorite part. Yum! Now on with our move! Yes. Just as we are getting home, it's packing time. We'll be moving over the next few days and over the weekend, which I'm not looking forward to as I hate moving. I am excited about our new home, though, but it's the getting there that is a headache. While moving, I may take longer to get back in touch with people and I do apologize ahead of time. I have been swamped with inquiries and orders AND now the move, but after we physically move everything into the house, things should return to a certain level of normalcy again and turnaround times for custom orders should start to come down gradually. Keep checking back for the latest... I have tons to post about!

Matt on the shuttle at PDX.

After the trip and on the way to our car, I told Matt that he was looking a bit out of focus. Har har! There is more punniness where this came from!

Travel update :: One missed flight and a down cell phone...

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We are in Reno at the moment after having missed our late flight Monday night. We did manage to get the next flight in the early morning, but that just made us a little more behind on everything. Plus! My cell phone is not getting reception... so strange.

Other than those hang ups, things are going great! I'm getting to all the convos and pieces and eating some great food in between. I'll be searching for the post office in a minute and shipping out some orders, and should be right back to work after that. Dinner last night: Lemon caper Alaskan Halibut, calamari, and French onion soup. Mmmmm!

Here are some travel photos:

At the airport and waiting for the rental car with all the essentials: make up bag, hat for the flattened hair after sleeping on it, a sleeve for my tea (from an Etsian!), and other tid bits.

The view from our room.

His and her workstations and the remnants of lunch.

Much of twigs & honey crammed into a suitcase. The rooster box contains none other than some of the most fabulous feathers. Who needs labels? I'm such a visual person! :)

twigs & honey is going mobile :: sewing on the go!

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It's that time of the month already! Matt has a business conference to attend in Reno from today through Thursday (April 24th) and I'll be joining him! Have no fear, I'll be loading up all my supplies and gear and taking twigs & honey on the road with us.... because you know that would be just terribly romantic! ;)

I'll still be humming along with the custom orders and any shipments will be coming out of Reno. I'll keep everyone posted! Just an FYI: I may take a little longer to get back to convos today as I'll be flying and getting settled. Thank you for your patience! -Myra (& Matt!).

And Stanley Makes Three :: another very sweet twigs & honey post

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Bridget, the brains behind this refreshing wedding blog, And Stanley makes three, recently got in touch with me and was just the nicest bride-to-be! In an effort to have a budget friendly wedding, she's sharing to the world through her blog all sorts of terrific affordable wedding delights! If you're planning a wedding and have a tight budget or just want to find some great treasures, visit this charming blog! Thank you for the support!!

Oh Happy Day blog :: twigs & honey post!


A wonderful bride I've been working with, Tiffany, was so sweet to let me know she spotted me on this fabulous blog, Oh Happy Day. I am so happy to have another great blog to read obsessively. :) I really love Jordan's profile: "Married to a handsome redheaded artist, I like good weather and pretty things." What more is there to say, really? Thank you Jordan and Thank you Tiffany!

Speaking of Tiffany...
With her soon to be husband, Billy, they've opened an Etsy shop! I was so excited to hear as we were convo'ing back and forth very late at night last week. They will be posting "all things sweet and cute"! They were so sweet to do the most adorable original water color illustration, Little Ms. Myra, of what they imagined I looked like when I was younger. Too cute! I already snatched it up (it's mine!) and have already received it!

They also have a few other delightful illustrations up for grabs and the first 5 custom orders receive a promotional rate! So hurry to their shop and have something custom commissioned. Matt and I are already thinking of what photo we'd love to have created in water colors... Thanks you two!

Smitten Invitations :: Wonderful Vendor and twigs & honey post!

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When the wonderfully talented, Melissa, of Smitten Invitations recently got in touch with me, I was well, smitten! The wedding invitations particularly are gorgeous! If you are a couple still searching for fabulously designed wedding stationary, visit Smitten Invitations... hint hint! I am very much in love with their Verona invitations...

...their Santa Paula Coasters...

and their Taramindo Coasters.

Most of their invites come with coordinating note cards, programs, RSVP cards, Save the Dates, seating cards, and coasters. I love everything!

Additionally, Melissa has done a lovely "handmade" post on her blog that includes a twigs & honey piece! Thank you Melissa for the support and I hope that married life has been bliss and congrats on your wonderful stationary!

Photo Credits: Smitten Invitations

R.I.P Paw Paw! :: Martha's beloved chow chow

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So sad....
Farewell, Paw Paw!

Photo Credits: Martha Stewart

So much great stuff to blog about...


I may be a little spotty with the posts this week as I'll be super swamped filling orders, but I have so many great posts coming up. Here's a sneak peak from what Matt and I were up to yesterday...

Now it's back to work for me. More to come!

Something blue...

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Whew! Tons of orders still to be made, but I did make some good progress today working nonstop! If you are waiting for your custom order, don't worry, I'm working through the night and all tomorrow evening, and the next and next, and so on... ;)

I just wanted to do an ultra quick "progress" post. It's so funny, but I've only made a limited number of hair pieces/accessories with any blue. All at once, I had all these orders with requests for blue! Is this a trend I am seeing? Well, it is a perfect "something blue" for all those brides-to-be. Take a look at just some of the pieces made today:

Many different styles and tastes going on here but all with some blue!

All these DewDrop veils are for one bridal party. Too cute! Here, they are mimicking synchronized swimming.

These are a few of my favorite things...

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I have to share to everyone how happy I am to be working with such sweet and talented brides! Everyday, I get to work with some of the most delightful and kind hearted ladies from just about everywhere around the world. It just makes everyday bright and sunny! This is why I love making items through twigs & honey! I'm going to list just some of the wonderful creations or items sent to me by my brides. I would list more, but the sunset kind of ruined my nice "natural" lighting today. These ladies are all tapping my weaknesses with all this "cuteness" and ribbons, etc...

Craftpaca! I know I have gushed before, but here are some of the photos of the owls I purchased through Julie's Etsy shop.

Here is the hair piece I created for Julie's wedding.

I squealed when I received all of the pieces above! Thank you Tiffany. There are many brides who have requested the piece I made for Tiffany's wedding. I think it is one of the most requested ever!:

I'm actually going to be creating several more pieces for Tiffany's sisters and I couldn't be happier. She also sent me this darling chick:

Of which I paired with a chick I gave to Matt on Easter (they are watching the sunset together):

I also received the cutest invitation and save the date from Jeana - which I just love:

And I love her wedding colors:

Here is the hair piece I created for Jeana (1 of 20 pieces I'll be making for her!):

Meg, who is getting married in Alaska sent me a nice Alaska-esque greeting card and some real bark that I'm going to creatively add to her piece (work in progress!):

Do you like my blog banner and Etsy banner?? Those, along with some other artworks, were created by the wonderfully talented, Marisa (of I'm so happy we met!! I feel so lucky to have been able to tap her amazing talent as a graphic designer (though she has just been offered a job as an in-house designer for Native Sun Organic Market!!) Congrats Marisa! I'm so happy for you!

And here is the hair piece I created for her.

And a very #1 favorite thing:

... my husband, who tolerates my "easily distracted by sparkly things and ribbon" personality.... as he forcibly allows a peck from the chick I got him because he really "loves" it. Right honey?!

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