Lovely photography by Jen Fariello

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Jen Fariello is one amazing photographer! She is also sooooo sweet and easygoing. I'm so happy to have met her at the Workshop earlier in the month!

It's me! (plus beautiful models Gina and Julie in center photo)
Thank you, Jen!
Photo credits: Jen Fariello
For Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop
Dress: Sarah Seven and Claire Pettibone
Hair: Erin Skipley
Makeup: Lauren Napier

Twigs & Honey on Facebook.... umm... finally!

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photo credits: Aimee Jobe Photography
I've always been the one to say, "I'm never joining facebook" and I finally got enough nudging that I started one up for Twigs & Honey. I think I was most dreading the random people from the past trying to track me down. SO, if you're a fan of Twigs & Honey, a friend, a family member or supporter, visit the new facebook page. Please! I was halfway joking with the hubby that I'm such a facebook loser right now with such a small number of fans (but great fans!!)... it makes you feel like you're in high school again. Anyone agree? I guess some things never change, but I hope to get more unique posts on my facebook wall. There are some great images from Aimee Jobe Photography and more!
Become a Twigs & Honey fan HERE (and help me not feel like the high school misfit again!). :) :) :)
Full url:
*bonus points if you spread the word!
For Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop
Dress: Claire Pettibone
Hair: Erin Skipley
Makeup: Lauren Napier


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I have so many people to get back to and a ton of work, but I have loaded a bunch of photos from France into a new flick folder HERE.
There will be many more from Elizabeth Messina's Workshop, but for now, here are some I snapped from our little adventure. There is not much reason to the order:









Photo by Leah MacDonald





View from the Eiffel Tower














Delicious crepes filled with nutella and bananas on Rue Cler.



The hydrangea clips in my hair were a lovely gift from the talented Diane of DK Designs. She makes those lovely blooms by hand from clay! Be sure to get in touch with her if you're interested in a set. She also made a gorgeous floral arrangement for our home and I'll be sure to post pictures soon.

Wowie wow wow!

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I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting much... or really at all. Matt and I just got back from FRANCE! We had an incredibly busy couple weeks with me at the workshop for much of the time and then trying to cram a few days in the countryside and Paris. I thought I would have great Internet connection, but it just wasn't the case. It either cost an arm and a leg per hour or it was so slow it would take about 20 minutes to load one page.

I will be taking the next 24-48 hours to get settled back into the rhythm (jet lagged!) and then I have to tackle a HUGE amount of convos and emails. Please be patient with me! I wasn't able to take calls while away ($1.29 a minute!) and I'll try to get back to everyone ASAP. Please feel free to resend emails and convos if you're worried.

We're picking Indy up in a few minutes and I'll try to load all the photos later today (a TON of them, of course!).

I met so many wonderfully talented ladies while at the workshop and I will most definitely gush more about them individually in following posts (I cannot wait to introduce you to them!).

I have some exciting projects in the works and I think the next 2-3 weeks will quite literally be a blur, but hang tight. Everything will be worth the wait. Thank you so much for being so patient with me during a ridiculously busy time in my life. I truly appreciate your support, the readership, and everything!!!!!!

Just in case you didn't see where I spent much of my time, here's a GORGEOUS video that Kristen* of Bliss Productions simply "threw together" in a couple days while in France:

A Lovely Workshop :: The Chateau from bliss productions on Vimeo.

Kristen* is an incredibly talented lady and a ball full of fun, energy and creativity. Thank you, Kristen*!

Landed :: Writing to you from Paris!

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I stayed up for a straight 58 hours before we hopped on the plane for France... that was one of my longest stretches of no sleep ever. Isn't that nuts? That was after sleeping only a couple hours a night for several days. When we boarded the plane, I slept off and on until Houston and then for the 9 hour flight to Paris, I slept for about 8 hours. ha! I don't like flying, so this was nice. We got one of the middle rows of seats and the plane was fully booked but due to delays, we nearly missed our flight BUT someone else must have too because we got 3 seats for the two of us and I got to curl up on 2 seats for a nice, long sleep.

When we landed, we got our rental car and drove around the city and after finally finding a single parking spot, we stopped at a quaint cafe for lunch... or breakfast? Matt got quiche and I finally got my cheese... toasted goat cheese on a baguette. So yummy. Our hotel room is tiny but nice and after a quick shower, I've come out, ready to hit the streets, but Matt is totally dead asleep. Perhaps I should wake him up? We are in the city of love! Maybe I'll wake him... this girl needs to see the sights!






Sleepy looking. But hey, cute hat, yeah? It's the one from flipside hats and I'm wearing my new Amy Wing Designs necklace (I need to get a close-up photo!)


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Busy, busy over here. I've been staying up late to around 4-5am, waking up at 7-8am and working all day like a fiend. I apologize for the sad blog! I feel guilty pulling myself away to do blog posts! I promise it will be all worth it. Thank you to all the blog readers!! Matt has been helping me with shipping in the evenings. We've been taking HUGE batches to the post office, they fill up the entire car's backseat and I have them on my lap too... and then we cram so many boxes into the post office bins that we jam the door. One more HUGE batch of shipments tonight and if you're waiting for your order, it is on its way (if you purchased something before April 29th)! Whew! About 60 down and 30 more to go before France! Of course, right before we leave, the garden is in full bloom. Just a few photos:




Pansy... staring at you!



Since I've been staying up so late, Indy hasn't been getting much sleep while she accompanies me. She likes to sleep under my desk when I'm emailing and she sleeps on my feet when I'm making pieces at my stand up station. Here are a couple shots of her. So cute... she dragged her squeaky cow doll into the room and used it like a pillow while sleeping on my feet:



She can be so clever. Other times, she has it between her front legs while napping, like people do with teddy bears.

English Roses modified

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I've had so many inquiries about the English Rose #2 that I've decided to modify the remaining 2 roses in that collection to be like the #2. They are slightly different from each other, but if you're interested, you can purchase HERE and HERE. Snatch the last two up while you can...

To France we go! :: A Lovely Workshop :: Long post!


Twigs & Honey is going to France!
I am SO excited. You know that business trip I've been talking about, well yep, it's to France. The amazingly talented lady, Elizabeth Messina, invited me several months ago and I've been busy, busy since.
First off, THANK YOU, Elizabeth Messina!
Elizabeth has been such a great supporter and I am very much looking forward to working with her in person (so much has been over the phone and internet... always great to meet face-to-face!).
It will be for A Lovely Workshop and will take place at this amazing chateau:

There is an amazing roster of talent involved and not previously listed, but the uber talented Erin Skipley will be doing make-up! There will be dresses from all over, including a favorite, Lovely Bridal Shop.
So obviously, I'm providing head pieces, but OMG... I'm so nervous, but I'll be modeling as well. Not my first rodeo, but somehow, I'm really nervous about this one... Elizabeth Messina! I might be doing some light styling and hair styling too.
The grounds are lovely and include a cemetery:

I know it sounds very romantic and blissful, but it will be a ton of work. For a solid week, there will be many separate photo shoots each day from morning well into the evening, presentations, and late night business discussions. It is still work!
So for the first week, I'll be at the workshop and Matt's riding over in the plane with me and he'll be doing some major sightseeing around the French countryside and specifically, Normandy. Afterwards, we'll have a few days and are planning to head to the coast and then to Paris. This is not a "vacation", but we are traveling and it will be exhausting, but very memorable and rewarding.

Matt and I will probably split one suitcase for clothes and necessities and I'm bringing one huge piece of luggage for all the head pieces. I cannot wait for you to see all my latest work!

Since I won't be able to fulfill new orders for the next week while I prepare and also while I'm over there, I do apologize for all those interested in custom orders. PLEASE DO get in touch with me through email after I get back at the end of this month. Email is best. I really, really want to work with each and every one of you and I also want to make sure each of you gets the time you deserve, so again, get in touch after I get back when things settle down a bit and we can get the ball rolling!

For all orders placed before April 29th, I will have your lovely pieces shipping before I leave next week. I have a few more photo shoots I've committed to and those pieces are coming as well, promise! I have a few very lovely and patient brides with outstanding custom orders. I am going to try my very hardest to get those finished before I leave as well or very soon after I return... I haven't forgotten you (shortlist including: Tina, ErikaB, AlisonP, arosecra, ckubler, and more!)

So I know, I know there are so many questions! I get several hundred emails and convos every week and at the moment it is really tough for me to handle them, BUT I will be getting a new assistant or two after I get back and for everyone waiting patiently, resend your email/convo after May 27th so we can get everything organized. I will try to answer emails while I'm away, but it will be very busy, so it may take a few days for urgent questions.

Whew! if you have hung in there through this long and dirty post, thank you!

IF you have any great recommendations of must-see places in France, write me a comment. I'd love to hear about accommodations, dining, museums, fabric shops, boutiques, everything!

THANK YOU everyone!!! I know I haven't been the best with my emails this year, but I am utterly grateful for all the individuals interested in working with me!!!! I am amazed each day by all the wonderful people I get to work with and those who want to work with me. I want to work with all of you and I'm going to take the appropriate business steps over the next couple months to make it happen. If you have a wedding in the second half of June through the end of this year, I'd love to work with you!!

Real Bride :: Emie

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Emie and her now husband were married this past October and I just got to see a couple photos and the bride looks radiant! Doesn't she look so lovely in her Twigs & Honey custom belt?

I really like how the gray, turquoise and green match the accents around the wedding and the necktie. The little things. :) Congrats!!!
Photo credits: Karyn Iserman

Giveaway for Liam :: Amazing!

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I am sure you have read about Liam's story by now, but if you haven't please stop by HERE to read more. Liam is the son of Lynn Russell, the designer of Satsuma Press. Liam has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 and could very much use a bathroom remodel this summer. If you are able to give a donation I am sure that Liam and his family would be so grateful. If that weren't reason enough, anyone who donates will be entered into an amazing raffle:

The giveaway ends this Sunday, so there's still time to donate. :)
Go HERE to donate.

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