I've been bad!...

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... about blogging lately. So sorry for the continued limited posting. I think I've hit maximum overdrive with building and always think I'll have more time but run out everyday. Just to tie you over, but if you like cute things, take a look at these darlings. Matt and I may be welcoming one into our family in November. Not 100% sure yet, but we're waiting to see how their personalities develop as they get a bit older. Eeeeeck! CUTE!!!! They make my heart melt.

I'm partial to the cute male on the left in the bottom photo. I grew up with an Alaskan husky and just love the wolk-esque look of them and their energy. Matt and I have been brainstorming names. It's tough! I just joke around with Matt, but every hour or so, I'll say, "Oh! I have a good one... how about Fluffy, or Poochie?! Wouldn't Wolfie be creative?" Hahaha... I like to tease him and emasculate everything. Some runners up for names that we both were okay with:
If we get a boy: Atlas, Indy
If we get a girl: Una, Leeloo
I had to sneak the geography inspired name into the mix. My other choice was Doppler. ;)

On a separate note...

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My hubby is away on business this week. :*(
So sad...
I love you, honey!! Come home soon!

Twigs & honey bride featured in Southern Weddings blog


So sorry about the nonexistent posts this past week! It may seem like the wedding season is winding down, but it's actually picked up for me so I'm working harder and faster than ever to get all the time sensitive pieces finished (approximately 569 pieces to go!). As always, thank you so much to everyone for your patience!! I truly appreciate it! I often get asked if I have any hired help... Nope! Not yet! It's a 1 woman show at the moment. I sometimes get some help from my hubby to help with photos though. For the longest time, I took all the photos myself without a tripod/timer (yes, many outstretched arm poses). Can you believe it? ANYHOW, we finally got a tripod a couple weeks or so ago so that has helped tremendously. But for the most part, it's just me - emailing, convo'ing, building, photographing, listing, press, etc...

I'm hoping to do a few accessory posts this week or next and will try to get more general blogging in the schedule too, I promise!

Just to tie you over, hop on over to view a beautiful feature from Southern Weddings blog. It features the wedding of Amy & Andy. I actually got to meet Amy in person in early summer to handoff her hair piece. I don't get to do that often, so it was so nice and refreshing to meet a lovely bride face-to-face. Thank you so much, Amy! Congratulations!! See their wedding here.

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest 2008 :: Good eats!

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My belly is still recovering from overeating at the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest this past Saturday. Matt and I took the evening off from working and home repairs to enjoy some live music and really good food in Mt. Angel, OR, which is about a 15 minute drive from where we live. What is Oktoberfest? Here's a brief description: "There is no more appropriate setting for an American version of the "Old World" Oktoberfest than in Mount Angel, Oregon. The small community was settled by German pioneers in the 1800s and readily reminds one of the rich Bavarian countryside. Oregon's oldest and best-loved Oktoberfest began in 1966 as a traditional harvest festival to celebrate the bounty of the earth and the goodness of creation. It is Oregon's largest folk festival."
And here are some highlights:

For several blocks in the quaint town of Mt. Angel, people were shoulder to shoulder and vendors lined the blocks.

People watching at sunset.

The impressive Glockenspiel.

I wore a Joie De Vie Jewelry longer necklace doubled with a lovely bird charm necklace (Thank you Blair & Tiffany.. again!!).

Very yummy sausages with sauerkraut and a side of curly fries started our evening of glutton. With of side of strawberry lemonade of course. Onto the next course...

Immediately following the sausages, we had an equally healthy serving of deep fried twinkies. I had never had this before but it was sure tasty and I could feel my arteries clogging with every bite. And then a few steps later...

Matt got corn on the cob. $1 an ear!

Nearly finished! And not to be outdone by Matt...

I decided on some Pecan fudge. Mmmm! And then I was scolded by the maker for taking a photo!

Charming bird baths made from old light covers. This one is the same one I have in my room! I love it.

Lovely nesting dolls. I wanted to snatch them all up.

Ahh~ marathon eating. I went into a deep food coma afterwards and passed out in the car ride home. Happy, full and content with my hubby. Until next year!

New piece :: Lace veil and floral hair piece

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A couple new lovely pieces in the twigs & honey shop! A lovely veil and a vintage inspired floral hair piece. Beautiful together or worn separately.

Celebrating 1 year together! :: M + M

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Here are some photos from our evening last night. :)
We decided to go back to Willamette Mission State Park, where we had our wedding ceremony and reception 1 year ago. Such a gorgeous place. I packed a dinner picnic basket full of goodies!
Recognize my accessories? I wore the same hair piece and earrings as on our wedding day. Wondering about the dangling ribbons? They were from my bouquet! Before we left for the park, I fashioned the ribbons onto a hair piece/brooch and tucked it behind my other hair piece.
Overall, a beautiful evening! As it happened multiple times last year, we got "kicked" out again after sunset. For whatever reason, I've been on a hat kick lately. I got Matt a couple custom made hats. One won't be ready for a couple weeks or so, but I'll be sure to post the end products soon!

MMmm... We grilled chicked burgers with home grown tomatoes, portobello burgers, locally grown corn, and on the side, orange jello dessert salad.

Isn't the cake so cute? Marion at Myriad Cake Design in Salem, OR, has a wonderful set up. 1 year from your wedding date, she will make you a brand new anniversary cake with any flavor you would like. I met with Marion a few days ago to pick up our petite cake. Just so happens her office is two blocks from our house. Such a small world. Anyhow, if you think you might not want a freezer burned cake a year later, this is a great way to have your cake and eat it too... and it tastes great! We actually had our real wedding cake too. It kept amazingly well! I made Matt a paper gift box with a paper & feather flower inside. You can kind of see it in the photo.

I love desserts. After the park, Matt & I were going to go to a theater pub, Northern Lights, but we missed the next showing so we headed to Cold Stone for some ice cream instead.

Matt got me a new pair of sparkles!
I love you, honey! Can't wait until next year when we get to do it all over again! Thank you, everyone, for all the thoughtful congrats on the previous post! :D

Happy 1 year anniversary! :: M + M

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Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary! It has been quite the year for Matt & I! I am so happy to be married to my "honey" and I cannot wait for us to continue our lives together. We have something planned for the evening. More on this later! Love you, honey!!

Photo credits: Paul Rich Studio

Random Photos :: The workspace

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Just a few photos of my pad. It's a bit of a wreck at the moment...

Craftpaca owls and many bits and pieces and odds and ends.

New pieces before they are pieces.

Pieces ready to be shipped to lovely brides.

New piece :: Whimsy hair piece in the Pebbles & Paisley shop

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Quick note!
"Whimsy" hair piece is in the Pebbles & Paisley shop!


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I've been working on a couple big somethings...

...hopefully, I'll have more on this in the coming months. :)

On a side note, I'll be temporarily closing custom orders due to insane yet completely appreciated response over the last couple days when I reopened my custom orders. I'm hoping to open up orders again in a couple weeks. Thank you so much to everyone for your support and interest! I also have some traveling tentatively scheduled this month, next month and November, so I'm hoping come winter, my blogging will be back on schedule! Thank you to all the readers!

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