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Posted on | Friday, May 29, 2009 | 3 Comments

Matt, his brother, and I are leaving to head north to Hoodsport, WA over the weekend and we leave this evening. We were scrambling to find someone to water our garden after a ton of plants wilted in just 1 day with out water (we planted a ton over the holiday weekend). Anyhow, at the 11th hour last night, I asked a lovely bride I'm working with, Janene, if she could do a totally strange favor and water our garden since she and her fiance would be passing through our town while we were away. She agreed! Whew! Thank you, Janene!!! Matt and I are completely grateful - especially knowing all our hardwork won't die during the hot weather this weekend! Among some other compensation, I whipped this blossom up for her:

I like! I added it to my Etsy shop too.

Click HERE to view.
If you are a bride/lady in the Salem/Portland, Oregon area that might be interested in trading for a custom hair piece in exchange for watering our garden or maybe caring for Indy this summer, shoot me an email:
Matt and I will inevitably be away some weeks this summer and would love the help!


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