Back from a long weekend

Posted on | Monday, June 1, 2009 | 4 Comments

My hubby, his brother and I all headed up north to Hoodsport, WA this weekend and I'm still tired. We camped on Lake Cushman and on Saturday and Sunday, Matt and his brother went on 4 scuba dives to receive their scuba certification. I was happy to have both feet on firm ground while scouring the shoreline for shells.

My hubby!

Gearing up...

Hood Canal

Heading in...

Hood Canal

Heading out...




Indy swam a bit too.

mint chocolate chip

I wasn't ready for this picture.


Celebratory ice cream finish.


Various treasures I picked up along the way.

huge clam

HUGE shell.

bitty little crab

Itty bitty crab.
Thank you, Janene + fiance, for keeping our plants so happy over the weekend!
Back to the work week!


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