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Posted on | Wednesday, May 28, 2008 | 5 Comments

As I have outgrown all my work surfaces, Matt just called from Ikea to point out a table he's picked out for me. Okay, just hang in there with me:

Photo credits: Ikea; table - Vika Manne

Isn't it ridiculously cute and even cuter that he picked this one out of all the tables at Ikea? teehee! It's like a big pink egg. I can't wait to have it set up. I had been complaining about an achy back and neck because I'm always hunched over working on pieces. I just got out of a job where I sat there for 2 years staring at a computer (not that it was a bad thing, but just, you know). I had mentioned that I wanted to be able to stand up and work and sit when I was doing computer work so he picked out this cute piece and will get the adjustable legs so it's at a 42-43" height for me. Oh! Too exciting. Perhaps I sound a bit nutty for being so excited to stand most of the day, but trust me, when you sit hunched over for stretches of 16+ hours at a time, it really does a number on your back. 26 going on 70. The simple things in life...


5 Responses to “A new surface :: Vika Manne”

  1. Wendy
    May 28, 2008 at 3:37 PM

    Hi Myra! I think it's so awesome that Matt picked out a table for you that's actually stylish and "you." So cute! (Insert comment about my fiance here.) *And* it perfectly matches the shirt I'm wearing right now. :-) Enjoy your new table!

  2. Myra - twigs & honey
    May 28, 2008 at 5:35 PM

    Hi Wendy!

    Thank you for your sweet comment! Isn't it too cute of a table and for a guy to pick it out?! hahaha... Matt should be home soon... waiting patiently here for my pink egg table! Next time, I'll have to really make him blush and post about the pink "made to look old" vanity he put together for me. :D
    Thank you!

  3. Tiffany
    May 29, 2008 at 12:55 AM

    If there was an award for the sweetest couple, I think it would be given to the two of you! Love the pink egg table! How wonderful! It is going to look adorable in your studio, Matt has a great eye!

  4. Lindsey Elisabeth
    May 29, 2008 at 12:32 PM

    I have the Vika Blekket (sp?) worksurface on the natural aspen saw horses. I LOVE it! We were just at ikea this weekend picking up our lovely Malm bedroom set! I'm so excited!!

  5. Myra - twigs & honey
    May 29, 2008 at 11:55 PM

    Thank you Tiffany for thinking so! hehehe... though I doubt I would be able to get away with painting any of the rooms completely pink. *sigh* Maybe someday when Matt "gives up" and let's me go pink crazy. ;)

    Lindsey... oooh, I love the table you have. It is the one with a small glass panel on top, yes? I have one of the Vika Amon larger tables with the Vika Annefors for legs. Love it! I use it for the computer and paperwork... though, since we have moved, we haven't set it up yet!

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