If I were a dancer...

Posted on | Wednesday, January 20, 2010 | No Comments

I would wear pretty ballet shoes all the time...

Bloch, originally uploaded by balletdancer923.

Ballerinas on the mind since this post on frolic blog. Fortunately, since I'm not a dancer, Bloch Shoes creates lovely, comfortable and stylish everday wear shoes... for us non-dancer types.

I snagged a pair of low wedges by Bloch on Gilt Fuse today:

I'm hoping they are as comfy as they look. We shall see! I'm needing a cute pair of walking shoes... but I love heels. Eh, this is a good compromise, yes? With Gilt Groupe credits, my total out of pocket cost: $1
If you don't have a Gilt Groupe account, you can sign-up HERE.


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