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I think I said ages ago that I'd post some photos of our home remodel. Well, Matt and I got busy! We have been tackling it one room at a time. When we bought our house a little over a year ago, it was 2 bedrooms with a large den in the back. The den was nasty and dated, with wood paneling on the walls, uneven floors, old carpet... generally speaking, it looked like crap. We decided to create a home office and a third bedroom out of the space. This also created a new hallway to the backyard. So far, Matt has finished the home office and the walls for the hallway and 3rd bedroom. I'll post progress photos as we get farther along. At the moment, we've switched gears and we're overhauling the landscaping while the weather is nice.
So here is the second home office before and after:

Home office: Before


Home office: Before

This is the east half of the former den.


Home office: After

Much better! Mind the clutter... I called Matt before this post and he was like, "no... I need to clean the room first before you do the post." ;) Clutter is so much better than what the room was before!

Home office: After

New lighting.

Home office: After

New dry wall, texture, paint.
New crown moldings, floor boards and the windows got a nice coat of accent paint.

Home office: After

Home office: After

New hardwood floors.
Matt also put in french doors, but I could not get a good angle to photograph them... but more to come once the hallway is finished.
Question: "...did you guys do all the work yourselves?" - Sabrina
Answer: Yes! Although, it was 99.999999999% Matt. :) I think I held the crown moldings for a moment so they could get nailed in. Mostly, I cursed at the dust and the tools lying around. But Matt gets all the credit.


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