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Posted on | Wednesday, August 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

I just LOVE the new Twigs & Honey Bridal Lookbook. It was a massive undertaking, but I got to work with all my local favorites. Gorgeous photography by Lisa Warninger.Chelsea's styling... amazing! Madi's makeup/hair... LOVE! The prettiest models! Thank you so much for all your help! The Everyday Lookbook is coming soon!

I wanted to keep all those amazing dresses for myself... Elizabeth Dye is simply amazing!
Photo credits: Lisa Warninger
Head pieces: Twigs & Honey
Styling: Chelsea Fuss
Hair/Makeup:Madeline Roosevelt
Dresses: Elizabeth Dye
Models: Olivia Bee, Kate Troedsson, Jade Sheldon
On site assisting: Amy Stewart
Shot in Poplar Point, OR (thank you Fuss family!)


4 Responses to “Twigs & Honey Lookbook :: Bridal”

  1. Katy Howieson
    August 5, 2010 at 1:48 AM

    really inspired to get on with my own collection now, this is wonderful myra


  2. eliza
    August 7, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    Hi Myra,

    I have made an order with you in APR (Sold on Apr 19, 2010
    Transaction # 28007296) and been sending a no. of emails to . YET, i didnt hear fr you since Jun 4. . As i read fr your shop profile which says custom order which would take up to 6 weeks (where mine is almost 4 mths since my order of boutionnaire & 10 weeks since we first and last discussed the order), i would be most grateful if you could drop me an email. As mentioned in the emails, i would like to have your pieces with me before sep. Anyway, i juz appreciate if you could update w/ me, at least to know if i should source other headpieces instead, since the time becomes so tight now.

  3. Jade Sheldon
    August 9, 2010 at 1:46 PM

    I can't wait to see even more! Keep all the loveliness coming!!!!

  4. Bianca
    August 13, 2010 at 5:41 AM

    I swear I'm not stalking you. I just discovered work work on Etsy and now I'm IN LOVE!!! I sent in a question via Etsy, but is email better?

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