Super quick post :: Heading out the door

Posted on | Friday, May 29, 2009 | 2 Comments

Matt, I and his brother are heading out RIGHT NOW and need to make it up before dark so we can set up our campsite. Just wanted to say that I have the following orders finished and will list them Monday in my shop (I just ran out of time this afternoon):
1. myra1210
2. ccjt24
3. NicoleB
I have others nearly finished and will get those posted Monday/Tuesday also. Thank you so much for your patience!!!!

Grateful :: Blossom for a bride


Matt, his brother, and I are leaving to head north to Hoodsport, WA over the weekend and we leave this evening. We were scrambling to find someone to water our garden after a ton of plants wilted in just 1 day with out water (we planted a ton over the holiday weekend). Anyhow, at the 11th hour last night, I asked a lovely bride I'm working with, Janene, if she could do a totally strange favor and water our garden since she and her fiance would be passing through our town while we were away. She agreed! Whew! Thank you, Janene!!! Matt and I are completely grateful - especially knowing all our hardwork won't die during the hot weather this weekend! Among some other compensation, I whipped this blossom up for her:

I like! I added it to my Etsy shop too.

Click HERE to view.
If you are a bride/lady in the Salem/Portland, Oregon area that might be interested in trading for a custom hair piece in exchange for watering our garden or maybe caring for Indy this summer, shoot me an email:
Matt and I will inevitably be away some weeks this summer and would love the help!

Hoorah! :: Lauren Moffatt dress is mine!


Remember that fabulous giveaway for the Lauren Moffatt dress I love? Well, I didn't win it, but I feel like a winner because I just received it yesterday after snatching it up for over 50% off from Gilt Groupe. It shipped quickly too and I cannot wait to wear it. Action pictures to come.

Photo from here: Shop Lauren Moffatt

It fits beautifully and has such an unexpected shape. The pattern is refreshing and the linen is perfect for summer!
Update on the last post: My sis and I both got fabulous pairs of Paige Premium jeans before they sold out. Yay! To enjoy Gilt Groupe benefits, click HERE.

Gilt Groupe :: Paige Premium on Friday

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Remember how I love Gilt Groupe? Well, I already have my sister signed up and she put an alarm on her cell phone to make sure she doesn't miss the Paige Premium sale tomorrow at noon EDT. I've been waiting for this sale for a long time now. I hope they have this pair available:

Woman Blue Heights. Perfect for summer. Clean and modern.
Remember, you need to have an account (free to sign up) to get in on the sale. You can click HERE to be invited. :) Enjoy!

Whimsical and versatile new piece :: In my Etsy shop today


I felt inspired by the sunny weather to create a fun new piece... multi-purpose! It's in my Etsy shop and you can view it HERE. You can wear it as a...

Twigs & Honey

Bridal belt or strap embellishment (great for spaghetti straps or create one for a strapless gown)...

Twigs & Honey

a necklace...

Twigs & Honey

a headband...
So many choices...

I had to drop everything to do a quick post...

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Thank you, Elizabeth Messina!
I know I keep gushing about Elizabeth Messina, but with good reason... as talented of a photographer this lady is, she is equally kind, professional and thoughtful... and stunning! I've been seeing more of the gorgeous photos from A Lovely Workshop appearing on blogs including Style Me Pretty (go HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE), and I just love to oogle every single one. A few minutes ago, I got a UPS package... a big package. I thought, "hmm... what did I purchase recently??" When I opened the box, I found within it, a beautiful and heavy wooden box with gorgeous embellishing. I would have been giddy with just the box, but the contents just made me squeal out loud. Countless high-quality prints all wrapped in bundles with raffia, a disc from A Lovely Workshop, and an oh-so-pretty card. Elizabeth... you ridiculously sweet lady, you!

Above and beyond... this lady exceeds expecations in every way and I am so grateful to have worked with her. Thank you, thank you Elizabeth Messina!! Be sure to visit her blog, kiss the groom (I know I do everyday!). I think I need to update my website soon... expect to see more of her stunning work soon!
Photo credits for photographed photos: Elizabeth Messina

Few new pieces in the Etsy shop

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I never have time anymore to create pieces for myself and I always kick myself when I throw on an outfit and hit the town with Matt without a perfect little topper. Over the holiday weekend, Matt and I worked the earth, hard, and got much of the front sidewalk garden finished. It took three days over a couple weekends, but it is 100% better. I'll have to take pictures soon! Anyhow, I treated myself to a couple pieces. One of my favorite current designs is Mist. I made two for myself, finally... in a lovely blush pink/champagne, and one in bright turquoise. I love them so much I threw up a couple made to order listings in my Etsy shop for others to enjoy. Click HERE to view the pink one and HERE for the turqoise version.

Blushing Mist

Turquoise Mist



Remember the Miniature Vampire Killer's kit that I found via Peony :: Love blog? Well, later that day, I was showing Matt on my laptop and I was slightly sad because it had already sold. Over the weekend, Matt surprised me with it. I guess Matt read the blog post and knew I wanted it, so he snatched it up! Thank you, honey! Isn't he the cutest and sweetest?

What a silly thing... but hey, I'm prepared now... are you? You never know. Find more cute/quirky things HERE.

Bag that I must have :: Joodito on Etsy

Posted on | Friday, May 22, 2009 | 6 Comments

I've long lusted over the unexpected and ultra modern designs of Joodito, on Etsy. I love visiting her shop to view all sorts of upcycled and reconstructed clothes. BUT... it's this bag that I'm really salivating over. Big, floppy, and in muted tones. Need it, want it... don't know if I even own even stuff to fill it up.

Bag from Joodito HERE.

A little bit vintage...

Posted on | Thursday, May 21, 2009 | 3 Comments

I lovely and bold headband I made for some photo shoots. Lots of vintage findings...


Twigs & Honey bridal headband

Real Bride :: Marisa


I love everything that comes out of the pretty little head of Marisa Ratliff (formerly Carta... yes, a Mrs. now!!). The logo on the top of this blog... her design! She just always gets it right and has this really refreshing and creative spin to all her work. I was so, so happy to get to know her while working with her throughout last year for pieces for her wedding. I am going to post more pictures on my website from her wedding soon, but for now, checkout all her loveliness with her hubby, Levi, on their big day earlier this year:

for 100 layer cake

for 100 layer cake

Levi & Marisa!

Levi & Marisa!

Levi & Marisa

Levi & Marisa!!!!!

Levi & Marisa!!!!!

for 100 layer cake

Levi & Marisa!!!!!

Levi & Marisa!!!!!

Levi & Marisa!!!!!


I love all these wedding colors. Just perfect and dreamy! Every detail is so well thought out! Marisa's dress was gorgeous, wasn't it? I especially love the bridal party attire. Very unique. Thank you so much, Marisa, for all your help last year! I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know you!!
View more photos HERE
Be sure to visit Marisa's blog HERE.
Photo credits: Jeanne Ciasullo Photography & Makeup

New piece in the Etsy shop :: Softness

Posted on | Wednesday, May 20, 2009 | 1 Comment

Light and airy... soft and whimsical...


Idanha flower back in stock

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I sold out of Idanha a couple weeks ago, but I just got more fabric today so it's back in stock by popular demand in my online store. It is now available in ivory/white & all white.

For details, go HERE.


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I loved watching this video that I spotted on the blog, Unruly Things.

I think I replayed it with Matt several times last night. Can't get enough.

Daily Read - Peony :: Love


Amanda's reception mini.

I have a quirky, more than slightly off-beat sense of humor... or in other words... I can be a gouf. I often hear from my hubbby, "You are such a gouf". Perhaps that's partly why I thoroughly enjoy the blog Peony :: Love. Through Amanda's blog, I've discovered such great things as Fail Blog (which I then turned Matt onto), F* you Penguin, and my latest favorite find, the Miniature Vampire Killer's kit from pjjammers on Etsy.

Amanda will be getting married soon... end of this month! It is going to be a gorgeous wedding and I've enjoyed reading about the details and planning throughout the year... from a bride with great taste and a quirky sense of humor. Congrats Amanda!! Cannot wait to see the photos!!
pssst.. she'll be wearing a twigs & honey hair piece AND bolero!

From HERE.

Fashion is Poison :: New daily read

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I just recently found out about the great blog, Fashion is Poison. Lucrecia has such a fun and fabulous wardrobe... and she also sells some of her gently used items HERE. Like these Marni heels:

Lucrecia in an American Apparel tube dress and wearing the Rise and Shine Twigs & Honey necklace.

I love this outfit and check out those shoes!

Photo credits: Lucrecia

Elizabeth Messina :: Gorgeous photos

Posted on | Monday, May 18, 2009 | 1 Comment

I've been accumulating some stunning photos from Elizabeth Messina for her Lovely Workshop earlier this month. Here is one of my favorites:

Elizabeth Messina Photography

Go to her kiss the groom blog to view a pretty, pretty post on twigs & honey. More on her site to come!
Photo credits: Elizabeth Messina

Twigs & Honey Giveaway! :: { casando ideias }: Something new!

Posted on | Friday, May 15, 2009 | 4 Comments

This time the giveaway is on the gorgeous blog: { casando ideias }: Something new!
This piece is being given away to 1 lucky winner:

Anna wearing a lovely twigs & honey handmade silk flower

Good Luck!! Click HERE to enter. At the time of this post, over 100 entries... don't be left out... post a comment on the { casando ideias }: Something new! blog.
Be sure to read her blog too for beautiful inspiration everyday!!

Early bird catches the worm :: Gilt Groupe

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I first heard of Gilt Groupe through the wonderful Angel of Love and Splendor. Remember her super cute Marc by Marc Jacobs dress? Well, it works something like this...
You get invited. You sign up. You enjoy deep discounts on designer brands. Not clearance, last season, or returned goods.... items the designers carry now and that retail at full price at most places. What's the catch? No catch. Convinced yet?
I suppose the one catch is that you have to get on the site at 12pm EST to snatch up the goods before they sell out. Every now and again, I just happen to remember and for the last few months, I usually sign on to their site only to realize I missed everything. You get lucky sometimes! I got a pair of Anlo jeans today that retail for $260... but I snagged a pair in my size for $88. Okay... if you know me personally, you know I troll eBay for deals and normally won't pay more than $20 for designer jeans. This was an atypical splurge for me. Many discounts are even better... Today, I spotted a cute Tibi dress that retails for $465 and sold out at the price of $148. You get the picture.
Next week, sales on designer labels including Emanuel Ungaro, Helmut Lang, Christian Lacroix, and more. I'm holding out for the Banfi Zambrelli sale on Wednesday. I don't know what shoes will be on sale, but I hope one of these:

Photos from: HERE

Also... for everyone you invite, you make $25 to spend on your purchases after their first purchase. Incentives to spread the word.
If you would like to be invited by me, click HERE
OR, send me your email address in the comments. Happy shopping!
Message from Gilt Groupe: "Gilt Groupe provides invitation-only access, to men's and women's coveted fashion and luxury brands at prices up to 70% off retail. Each sale lasts only online for 36 hours and many items sell out quickly, so check it out before it's too late!"

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