New piece :: Autumn headband in the Pebbles & Paisley shop!

Posted on | Thursday, August 28, 2008 | 2 Comments

Just a little note to say that I just listed a stunning new piece in the Pebbles & Paisly shop! It is so perfect for a fall wedding! I love it and it is completely handmade, petal by petal! Lovely!

Random Photo :: Too cute....

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I like squirrels...

Pint sized critters with character.
Photo credits: Mail Online

Real Brides :: Lovely twigs & honey brides!

Posted on | Thursday, August 21, 2008 | 10 Comments

I feel so fortunate to do something creative, something I love, and something that allows me to work with some of the most sweet and beautiful brides! I have worked with several hundred brides this season, and I am always so appreciative when one gets in touch after the big day to send some photos along. It is always wonderful to hear a nice "hello" and to see how the big day unfolded. Congratulations to all the lovely brides & grooms I was so lucky to work with!! Thank you so much!!

I've been a bit busy since, oh, February, so I apologize for the light blog posts lately. I have many more beautiful photos to share soon! Here is a small collection. More to come on the official website in the next few weeks. One more note. Even though the busy part of wedding season is halfway over, I have a pretty heavy load of orders through October and I truly appreciate everyone's patience with me and their interest in working with me! Thank you so much!!

The stunning Karen wearing her custom piece, said "I do" back in May.

Photo credits: Tony Yang

Kristin looks like such a sweetheart, doesn't she? She looks so blissfully in love.

Photo credits: Red Photo Co.

Molly & Bill's wedding was one straight out of a romantic movie. Truly inspiring and swoon worthy! Molly looks like a movie star, an actress... hmmm. ;)

Photo credits: Tim Will Photography
By the way. Isn't Tim Will's work just amazing?! I took the last two from the fabulous blog, Once Wed.

Miyon very recently tied the knot, as in a few weeks ago! I can't wait to see more photos from her wedding. Look at that reception backdrop and the place settings! All the coordination! She looks so beautiful too!!!

Colleen, you gorgeous swan, you! I was so envious of her Melissa Sweet dress. I had been drooling over it for months.

Okay, here is my mini shrine to the beautiful LeeAnn. She just had far too many beautiful wedding shots. I had to share! LeeAnn actually had 3 wedding photographers! They sure had their hands full. LeeAnn and her hubby's wedding was breathtaking and there were so many beautiful details throughout. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Jason Q Tran Photography

Photo credits: Natalie Williams Photographer
One parting flower girl shot. She's wearing a twigs & honey headband. Too cute!

Lovely photo updates to come :: Real Brides

Posted on | Wednesday, August 20, 2008 | 2 Comments

So sorry about the skimpy posting lately! Things are really intense on the building side of the biz right now but I'll be posting some absolutely stunning wedding photos in the next post.... promise! Stay tuned and I hope to have those up in the next 24 hours. Thank you to all the wonderful blog readers and subscribers! -Myra

Featured! :: The Daily Obsession

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Head on over to The Daily Obsession today! Twigs & honey is being featured and I was more than happy to be interviewed for the wonderful post. Thank you Connie!! The Daily Obsession is a wonderful site filled with "daily shopping & lifestyle" tips and features. I love it. It takes all the guess work out of shopping. Bookmark this one!

Giveaway! :: Free twigs & honey headband

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That's right! There is a giveaway going on right now over at Creative Odds n'Ends blog! Aimee, over at Creative Montage, is putting on the giveaway that you won't want to miss. You will also have to check out her custom stationary! Lovely! I especially like the Save-The-Date custom magnets! I just had a long phone call with my big sis yesterday about the pains of creating nice save-the-date postcards. She'll be getting married in February and is wishing she had just gone the route of finding a great company to make the magnets that are so popular right now. ;)

Thank you Aimee!

New piece :: Ring pillow

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Just a quick note...
New ring pillow with removeable flower brooch now available in the Pebbles & Paisley shop

Update: This piece sold already today. Thank you Kim!

New piece :: Wedding vest

Posted on | Monday, August 11, 2008 | 6 Comments

One of my favorite pieces! A wedding vest/bolero. So light and airy. It's in my shop right now and a size xs. More like this one to come! Completely handmade.

New piece to be listed later today

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I'll be listing a new little something later today, probably in the night. It's unlike anything I have made for the shop to date. Quite lovely and fun! Looking for that last minute finishing touch? The one caveat, I had to use myself for the model form, so this first piece of the new line is a size xs. I'll be creating different sizes soon, so check back...

Ain't I a stinker? You'll see it soon enough! ;)

New piece :: Hippie crown

Posted on | Friday, August 8, 2008 | 2 Comments

Just a quick note that I'll be adding a new piece to our Pebbles & Paisley shop today. It is a little hippie, but totally modern. This piece is perfect for a fall wedding or for everyday wear. Enjoy!

A numbers game :: I like to quantify everything

Posted on | Thursday, August 7, 2008 | 3 Comments

A handful of people know that I really like to quantify things... everything. I don't know why but having logical numeric groupings just works for me.

That said, when I'm building pieces, I have a little time to think and my mind often gravitates to numbers.

While thinking about numbers, I realized that I've been selling on for about 6.5 months, which is about 195 days. During that time, I have created about 700 pieces on Etsy alone, which is about 3-4 pieces a day if you are counting 7 days a week. I just saw that my Etsy convos have topped 1,104 today and for each unique convo, there are anywhere from 3-20+ exchanges (i.e. A client writes and I write back = 1). That is about 11.5 exchanges on average, but let's stay low and say the average is about 8. Multiply that by the 1,104, and that is about 8,832 exchanges (not including a good portion of communication dealt through emailing). That equals about 45 convos a day, 7 days a week since I started. At anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes per convo depending on the amount of details needed or an average of 8 minutes, that would be about 6 hours of convo'ing a day 7 days a week or about 42 hours a week, 168 hours a month, 1092 hours since I started selling on Etsy, or about 45.5 days in the past 6.5 months. That is equivalent to 1.5 months of 24 hour convo'ing! Doesn't it make you dizzy?

Just some random thoughts... I think I need to get out more.

A more simple number to digest... Matt and I will have been married for 1 year in about 1 month. :)

Progress Post Updated :: Today through August 10th only

Posted on | Monday, August 4, 2008 | 5 Comments

So sorry for not updating the "progress post" sooner! It's been a wild wedding season and it's about to getting just a bit more busy before things begin to slow down a tad in November.
Just a reminder, please read the title of the post. These are pieces and orders being worked on from now through August 10th only. It is just a fraction of the total orders list, so please don't panic if you do not see your name on the list and your order is due after August 10th. You are on the master list. :) Also, I am sure I have typos with Etsy usernames and the number of pieces in the "()" might not be updated. I try to make these useful and more of a quick glance type of thing, which is why I don't list everyone's names. If I did, it would probably reach to the bottom of this page and who wants to scroll through all of that? ;) Also, as usual, this list is not in some sort of rigid order and weddings occurring sooner will be shuffled around if needed. Thank you to everyone for being so understanding and wonderfully patient!!!

Currently on deck:
1. mannad11 (1 piece remaining of 5)
2. weddingbliss09 (3)
3. Jetrichey (1)
4. M.C. (2)
5. athena80 (1)
6. dealejob (1)
7. londinium (12)
8. spyseegrl (1)
9. K.W. (2)
10. LoquitaDesigns (1)
11. happychica (1)
12. Roxias (1)
13. ohrow (1)
14. nuclearli (1)
15. achmiel (4)
16. branseen (2)
17. jlrodriguez (1)
18. lw908 (1)
19. AntoinettCappacio (1)
20. kreationsurf (1)
21. smbaumer717 (4)
22. wendyrichman (1)
23. ligeiajulia (1)
24. Jennmacivor (1)
25. ksinglet76 (1)
26. cboyek (1)
27. argoflex (1)
28. Tiffanywilson (3)
29. Rostrov (5)
30. Dovebvi (1)
31. elisevanessa (3)
32. SoonToBeMrsDamiano (finished, need to list 14)
33. aimijay (2)
34. Hjtabor (15, halfway finished)
35. T.M. (9)
36. ponyBeaver (1)
37. misterhoneybunny (2)

Boutique Orders on deck:
1. S.B.

Next to be on deck:
1. bonefolder (1)
2. diazbastin (1)
3. kaitlinking (1)
4. clairemiller (4)
5. emilyyeager16 (1)
6. lilmonkey24 (1)
7. waipio2 (2)
8. jradams (11, halfway finished)
9. carrielk (1)
10. H. (1)
11. thefairmontbride (1)
12. Erte (4)
13. Mochamooncafe (1)
14. P.T. (1)
15. debbiebruce (9)
16. jananshakur (1)
17. aja27785 (2)
18. itsadatedesign (3)
19. jonaandida (1)
20. mikomiao (5)
21. hudsonh (1)

New Venture! :: Pebbles & Paisley

Posted on | Saturday, August 2, 2008 | 9 Comments

My wheels are always turning and for a long time, Matt & I have discussed opening a second Etsy shop that would feature more ready made pieces. It's my guilty pleasure and also a great way for Matt & I to collaborate and spend time together. The new shop is named Pebbles & Paisley ( and will feature luxury wedding finds including ring pillows, corsages, and anything else we can think up. I'm not sure about when I'll have time to list items, but there are many in line to be listed and shared with everyone and I can't wait to further develop this line come fall and winter. For now, here's a taste of what's to come:


Twigs & Honey products

Brand new! Myra Callan Bridal line

Purchase my new book through and Barnes & Noble

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