Amazing shoot coming up...

Posted on | Friday, April 30, 2010 | 3 Comments

I just love the style and colors of an amazing collaboration in the works. Here's one sneak peak photo of a piece I shipped off yesterday (along with a few others). Have I ever told you my favorite colors in the world are peach and mint? Not pink or orange.... not green or blue... both are inbetween, but I love them:

Twigs & Honey veil + Elizabeth Dye dress :: Just like heaven

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It's no secret... I LOVE Elizabeth Dye's work. You know she made my wedding dress SUPER fabulous, yes? With gorgeous lace overlay, details, and detachable floral and chiffon bustle/train... So, I loved seeing this pairing from the amazing photographers, Sweet Little Photographs for their Lovely Bridal Shop shoot. A Twigs & Honey Soft Light Lace veil and Elizabeth Dye dress:

I love this photo... there's a Twigs & Honey mini bridal hat on her shoulder:

Photo credits: Sweet Little Photographs

shabd love


I LOVE shabd's designs and in particular, I love this new dress for the autumn/winter 2010 collection:

Weekend outfit :: It has been busy!

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So sorry for being so completely absent on all fronts. I've been juggling far too many things and it may be a little *quiet* on the blog this week. If you've emailed or convo'd me, please be patient and I'll try to get back to you sooner, or you can resend. I'm so sorry about the delay. I've been working non-stop and it's been a bit nuts.... thankfully, I'll be getting some help soon and more on that later. :)
Here was my outfit from Saturday. We had a touch of sun and that was enough for me to bust out the shorts (new CUTE ones!):



Hat: Pinkham Millinery
Jacket: Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Anthropologie
Shorts: American Retro off Gilt Groupe
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Necklace: Twigs & Honey

Lovely list...

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I cannot believe this amazing list of talent. *squeal* I feel SOOOOO lucky to be able to work with these talented women.... very soon! I will share much more in a few weeks!


More pieces for the English Dept.

Posted on | Tuesday, April 20, 2010 | 3 Comments

Aw! Many more lovely pieces for the English Dept. shop in Portland, OR. It took a little longer than I estimated, but I have some lovely new designs! There are more that I haven't photographed here, but if you are in the Portland area and in need of a hair piece, be sure to visit the English Dept.!

For the English Dept.

For the English Dept.

For the English Dept.

For the English Dept.

For the English Dept.

For the English Dept.

There are a couple of my new handmade headbands above. I hand wrap them with silk and grosgrain and they are whisper light. In case you don't live in the Portland area, I'm making a few of the styles available through my etsy shop HERE, HERE, and HERE (more to be listed later).

Saturday outfit :: day of relaxing

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After one of the most stressful and exhausting weeks ever, I took part of the weekend off. This was one of my first days off work in what has seemed like forever. I'm normally working 7 days a week, but on Saturday, Matt and I went to the Oregon Gardens for Earth Day, went shopping a little bit and on Sunday, we hiked around Silver Falls State Park (I love the whole Silverton, OR area) and then we met with my parents and my sis and her husband to celebrate my mom's birthday at CPK. After that, Matt and I found some good books at Barnes and Noble and headed home. It's nice to have a little break once and a while. Here was my Saturday outfit:



Top: Anthropologie Blacklight Blouse
Jeans: Paige Premium off Gilt Groupe
Shoes: Rosegold off Gilt Groupe

My hair is finally getting longer again after cutting it at the end of September. I'm growing it long again. Short was fun and sooo much easier, but I like a little more versatility. Growing....

Fortunately, I hail from a family of fast growing hair so it's growing fast, which is good for my impatient nature.

Attn Oregon brides!

Posted on | Friday, April 16, 2010 | 2 Comments

I just dropped off half of a huge order to the English Dept. in Portland, OR. It's the biggest order yet so be sure to stop by to get first pick and give a pretty flower a loving home. Some of the pieces include my brand new handmade super skinny comfort headbands. They are hand wrapped in luxurious silk, finished with grosgrain and light as air. You won't remember you're even wearing it (great for those who get headaches from headbands). More pieces to be delivered later this weekend.

Desert blues

Posted on | Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | 7 Comments

Overnight shipping some pieces to Carla Ten Eyck today. I cannot wait to see the photos. I know they will be amazing. Here is one of the pieces I'm shipping off...





This piece is a convertible headband and necklace.
I hand dyed to a perfect vintage light gray... there are also vintage pearls, feathers, chains, rhinestones. Lovely!

Woot :: DailyCandy wedding guide

Posted on | Monday, April 12, 2010 | 7 Comments

Be sure to read the DailyCandy Everwhere issue today! It is the wedding guide for this season and Twigs & Honey is being featured again... top center. Yeah!

The piece being featured is this season's Creamy lace crown available HERE. Photo credits go to the amazingly talented Elizabeth Messina (thank you!).
DailyCandy... THANK YOU!!!!!
I'm going to be very busy this week and actually for the next month and a half. I have a major boutique order (details coming!), about 8 photoshoots (one overseas!), a new product launch, a new collection, a major trip, and more! Get your orders in sooner if you have a May or June wedding because I might have some blackout dates coming up. THANK YOU everyone!!!!!!!!

Party for your head :: If I were a flamenco dancer...

Posted on | Sunday, April 11, 2010 | 9 Comments

I would probably wear this on my head:



Extra special headband for someone extra special. Lots and LOTS of more dramatic pieces in the works. You're going to love this.

Congrats to Giovanna today....

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Giovanna and her fiance are getting married today... I have a feeling it is going to be a gorgeous wedding!

photo credits: Elizabeth Messina

One more citrus sunshine piece...

Posted on | Thursday, April 8, 2010 | 4 Comments

Okay! So today it was sunny... rained a little, but there was a bit of sun, so maybe making sunshine pieces works (thank you so much for all your sweet comments on the yellow headband!). Just one more bright citrus colored piece... like tangerine and grapefruits:

Features two handmade flowers of hand dyed silk organza and one vintage millinery flower and leaves. Citrus Bouquet HERE!

Congrats to Lovely :: Store Opening today!

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I might be on the other side of the continent, but I'm thinking of how wonderful it must be for Lanie at Lovely today! Her gorgeous shop is having its store opening today. Be sure to let her know what a great accomplishment this is by heading over to her blog HERE. She's carrying local Portland favs Elizabeth Dye and Sarah Seven, oh, and lil ole me! A nice slice of the Oregon fashion scene in NYC!

Another sneak peak...

Posted on | Wednesday, April 7, 2010 | 5 Comments

I have a few things in the works, but here is another sneak peak at one of them. I've been working way more than overtime to get this off the ground. Like little soldiers.... my miniature army is on its way into dozens of talented hands and photographers... many photographers! This is the first group. Brave little ones. There will be a another group heading out into the unknown very soon. I promise, this will be good and I promise I'll let you know what it is too!

R&D is taking more time than I originally predicted. I don't mean to keep you on the edge for so long, but it is tightly under wraps until the launch date. If you're much of a sleuth, I suppose I've very indirectly dropped bigger hints throughout the blog posts for many months. I'm terrible with secrets! For those in the "know", lips are sealed, right?

Sad weather calls for some sun

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The weather is dumpy in Oregon today. I won't lie. I hate it right now and it's been like this for about 2 weeks. Matt and I planted grass a couple weekends ago when the weather was nice, and it still has not germinated yet! I think it is too cold!
I decided to make this sunshine headband in hopes that it would encourage the sun to come out. Please!

Available HERE

Love this look... oh, if they knew!

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I love these looks and found out about the J. Crew fall collection through Chelsea's blog, of course! I love the warmth, the comfort and the laid back feel of all the looks... if you like the looks as well, you're going to LOVE what I have in store for everyone soon!!! *wink* *wink*

Reminds me of my previous outfit and outfit.
I'm the worst at keeping secrets, but I promise my upcoming secrets are good ones, and I'm sure I'll break down a little bit here and there with some awesome sneak peaks. By the way, Chelsea, you go girl! I'm referring to, "Thank heavens they are over the glitz and baubles phase, which quite frankly, I am well over." I didn't want to say anything before, but I'm a little tired of too much candy-like and overly sparkly anything. Yeah! Bring in the warmth, and rumpled anything! More *rumpled* things to come! *wink*
Oh! And hats are totally rocking and in! Sweet!!!!!

Lovely Bridal Shop

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I cannot wait for Lanie's Lovely bridal shop to open, April 8th! It is the perfect place for lovely and unique brides to find that perfect dress, accessory, or dresses for their bridesmaids. PLUS! I know there are many brides that get in touch asking where they can try Twigs & Honey pieces on in New York.... well here's your chance! Lovely bridal shop will be carrying Twigs & Honey pieces. Hooray! I shipped off a bunch of pretty pieces earlier in the week and more today. I've been in such a rush, I haven't been able to photograph all the pieces, but here are a couple:

One of the first headbands in an exciting new line due in a few weeks.

The shop will also be carrying dresses from one of my personal favorites, Elizabeth Dye!
I have more surprises that will be in Lovely in the future. Stay tuned!

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