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Last year, Matt got showshoes for me for Christmas and we finally got to go out yesterday. It was so lovely outside in the middle of the forest and surrounded by snow. Indy had such a wonderful time too. I think she felt right at home and we let her run around on her own for a little while. She is of course, much faster than we are in the snow. We were only holding her back:





Indy was very distracted and only wanted to go play.


Indy hears something...


"Must bury my face!"





"Must bury my face, again!"


"I see something!"


"I'm a happy dog!"


Whew! Tiring but so much fun... until next weekend!

Thanksgiving 2009


Just a few photos from Thanksgiving...


My sis got a gingerbread house kit and this is what is was supposed to look like.


Ours looked like this because we were impatient and didn't wait for the frosting to dry.


So sad...



Making faces...





Until next year!


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More to come but yesterday, Matt and I spent time with my side of the family and today we'll be heading up to Hood River to spend time with Matt's side.
Jenga... fun...

Jenga... sad...

Flirty new top in the Etsy shop

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Just in time for holiday gift giving or for yourself, a flirty top in the Etsy shop:

Blooming tank

More Holiday Headbands Ready to Ship

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I got a couple more Holiday Headbands listed HERE and HERE in my Etsy shop. More to come along with other lovely holiday accessories and gifts for yourself and loved ones.

I was hoping to get a new sparkling belt up but I just ran out of time. So sorry! I will have it up this weekend or by Monday for sure.

More Holiday Headbands coming tomorrow!

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I didn't realize the first Holiday Headband was going to sell out so quickly! I have more to list tomorrow. Not sure how many I'll have time to list, but check back here and I'll post an update. :)

Oh! And there will be a brand new dazzling bridal belt... stay tuned!

New project :: Mixed media framed painting

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I have to mix it up at times and release some creative energy using different mediums. I just finished a little painting for the Etsy shop. It is part of the Twigs & Honey "Haven" collection that I have been neglecting for too long. The piece is hand painted and embellished with vintage leaves, silk flowers, and other bits. It comes framed in a shadow box style frame. Perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. Enjoy!

Garden Love

Cutest little girl

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Elizabeth Messina has a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l family. I always love seeing her gorgeous girls photographed in the most beautiful way that only Elizabeth could do. Earlier this month, it was her precious Jasmine's birthday (happy be-lated birthday!). I love these photos of her in all her cuteness:

Photo credits: Elizabeth Messina
And yes... she's wearing a twigs & honey hat in the middle picture... and yes, that is her on my website homepage. I can't get enough of her and you can see more on kiss the groom blog.
I talk with the hubby sometimes about how we wonder what our kids will look like in the future. Matt hopes that they get my skin (tans, doesn't burn) and my dark, thick hair... I hope they get Matt's big green/blue eyes and height. We're both hoping they get Matt's fast twitch muscles (he was a hurdler) and my endurance (I ran distance) so that we could have the most awesome 800m track star. Aw... we shall see. ;)

Holiday Headband


A fun piece that would be oh, so much fun to wear to a holiday party... or it could make a great present:

Holiday Headband


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I've visited the Jetsetter branch of Gilt Groupe a few times and it really makes me want to plan a romantic getaway with the hubby. I know... we just got back from Istanbul, but that was traveling and exploring... not relaxing. Next trip we go on, I want to kick my feet up and relax with my honey. There are some very good lodging deals on Jetsetter. Luxury hotels with deep discounts. Still spendy, but if you're going to splurge, might as well get the discount. If you're more into splurging on travel than clothes, Jetsetter might be the ticket for you. Here are some current sales:

Hotel de Crillon in Paris

The Lodge at Torrey Pines, Southern California

Some upcoming sales:

I think this would be a great place to get deals on romantic getaways for special occasions, a honeymoon, anniversary... or just to escape. I'm telling the hubby. *wink*
You can join through invitation HERE.

This dress is perfect

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I just love this dress:

By Elizabeth Dye

If you are ever in the Salem, Oregon area...

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Visit Cinebarre. Matt and I went last weekend on opening night. It is located in the old Regal theater next to the Salem Mall in the downtown. They have a handfull of locations around the U.S., and I was surprised that they would pick Salem, OR of all places. We had been frequenting "another" theater down the road from us for the dining theater experience, but Cinnebarre is the newer, flashier version. So far, we've had a great experience... Good food, good service, clean theater. You can order from your seat, so you don't have to climb over people in the dark to get a drink refill or dessert. Last week, we watched The Fourth Kind, and my only gripe was that the sound was really quiet. They have some vegetarian options on the menu, which is nice too! Anyhow, we'll be visiting tonight for 2012. See you there? Or another time, yes?

Just realized it's Friday the 13th

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So am I supposed to step on a banana peel or something (oh gosh, I've actually done that before because I'm such a goober)?

Happy Weekend!!!

Gilt Groupe

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It's been a little while since I did a Gilt Groupe post! If you haven't heard of it, Gilt Groupe is a great place to get huge discounts on designer brands. I love great fashion, but either don't have the funds or feel so guilty buying expensive apparel so Gilt Groupe is perfect for me! You need to be invited and can join HERE. You can also build credits by inviting your friends and after their first purchase. I've gotten amazing discounts on Hunter boots ($26!), Lauren Moffatt, Paige Premium Denim, Anlo, Banfi Zambrelli, and more. Aw~ a guilt free way to indulge in my guilty pleasures. Friday, there will be a Monique Lhuillier sale and on Sunday, Carolina Herrera. Enjoy!

Shabd Simon-Alexander :: DIY Tie-Dyed Leggings


Did anyone get a chance to watch the Martha Stewart segment last week with Shabd Simon-Alexander? I love everything Shabd creates. Her tie dye is the best. Plus, her Martha Stewart segment shows you how to make your own tie dyed leggings. I can't wait to try it out! View the instructions HERE.

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